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Just To Say Hello..

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by DIFFLOCK, Jan 27, 2021.


    DIFFLOCK Active Member

    Jan 27, 2021
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    I've had TS installed for quite a few years now (since 2016) but not really played it too much until recently. I do like modern American freight and Norfolk Southern is a favourite, but I also like some of the quick stuff - ICE and TGV (if only DTG or TPD would publish a Japanese route with an NR500 Shinkansen... :cool:). I also now enjoy the odd bit of British steam, notably Q1 and 9f thanks to the recent sale!
    Thanks to lockdown the sequel part 3 or wherever we are up to in the UK at the moment :o AND the fact that I'm on furlough Part 2 via my employer:| (Part 1 was March through September last year!), I've not been doing as much flight simming this year, but instead charged up my xbox controller batteries and been having fun playing virtual trains.
    Preston is my nearest city, so WCML Over Shap was a no brainer. I also have WCML North and will be buying the other parts soon. Cheers :D
  2. preston725

    preston725 New Member

    Jan 20, 2021
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    Heya, I Used To Own A Copy Of Train Simulator, I Had The Steam Edition Of Train Simulator 2014. Unfortunately, My Steam Account Was Hacked, So I Created A New One. I'm Hoping To Aquire A Copy Of Train Simulator 2012, As I Don't Want To Have To Purchase The European Loco And Asset Pack, Somerset And Dorset Joint Railway, Great Western Mainline, And East Coast Mainline Routes, Along With The Included Locomotives And Rolling Stock. So, Technically, I'm Not New To The Train Simulator Series, But, I Still Have Terrible Skills At Both Driving, And Route Building.
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