Korea: High Speed Rail

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    I doubt this would ever get enough attention to warrant an add-on being made, but I would love to see a Korean route for TSW. It would certainly be unique.

    Having travelled to Korea several times I’ve grown quite fond of the KORAIL system, especially the indigenous high speed trains, like the KTX-Sancheon. The earlier KTX-I (introduced in 2004) was based directly on the TGV.

    A route covering even the short section from Seoul to Cheonan-Asan would include running conventional and dedicated high speed lines.

    Further trains could include other local designs like the ITX-Saemaeul EMUs, while local stopping trains on the route include as motive power both European-derived electric locomotives and American-derived diesels.

    Anyway, that’s a route I’d like to see, even if it probably will never appear.
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