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    When you have a lot or all of the German dlc it gets very confusing which dostos and other locos comes form what dlc as usually there is a difference in what PIS it contains in its systems and livery such as Dresden S-bahn

    I currently own all German Content and as such on NRD I get the option of 6 Dostos to choose from (including a livery one) the only way I can tell if it’s the NRD one is by just being able to see the side livery but for the others it’s luck of the draw

    because of this sometimes I go into a route and can’t change a timetable cause it’s automatic or doesn’t have the route I’m using destinations in its database kind of thing, this can also result in some ai service without correct destinations set or nicht Einsteingen cause there’s no alternative for them

    it would be much simpler if it could just be one dostos that works for that route or at least label them on service mode so I can tell which one I’m using and if it can set up the PIS right or not

    side proposal - if this is happening because it allows a player to select what loco is on the back of the cab car it could be easier to make a second menu after choosing the dostos as to what you want to push it around

    Another effect this issue is having is some can have Schnellfahrstrecke’s timetable therefore making PIS accurate and appropriate but others that need to be set don’t
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