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Fishing Sim World Laguna Iquitos Out Now

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DTG_Stephen, Nov 7, 2019.

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    May 8, 2017
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    Welcome to the jungle!

    Laguna Iquitos, the latest add-on lake for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is available now.

    In the heart of Peru surrounded by the Amazonian rainforest lies Lagunas Iquitos. This remote lake is home to two new species of fish - the peacock bass and giant wolf fish. Alongside the two new species you will also find monster arapaima, redtail catfish and black pacu.

    Narrow channels, vegetation and shallows that a traditional boat couldn’t reach means that the ‘Haichou Explorer’ kayak that comes with this pack is vital for exploring the lake and tracking down some of the beastly trophy fish living within.

    The beautiful peacock bass fights harder than all other bass and can be found up to an incredible 23lbs. The terrifying looking wolf fish can grow up to 38lbs but with huge, razor sharp teeth, you will need strong gear.

    Catch Arapaima that grow up to a huge 450lbs, red tail catfish go to 120lbs and black pacu up to 70lbs. Laguna Iquitos also has 25 new trophy fish and 3 new career events for you to master.

    With 1,500 acres of lake to fish from the water or shoreline including narrow, twisting sections through to open expanses of water, you will need to utilise all of your skill, watercraft and equipment to discover everything this venue has to offer.

    Laguna Iquitos comes with its own set of Mastery challenges with clothing rewards suited towards the rainforest environment. Completing tier 1 of the challenges grants you a brand new design of hat with a bucket hat from our clothing partner, Wofte. Tier 2 awards a camo t-shirt and tier 3 gives you a pair of camo cargo pants and jeans.


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