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    The Lea Valley lines which starts at London Liverpool Street and terminates at Cheshunt,Enfield Town and Chingford
    This route would be set between 2015-2020
    As it allows the use of the class 315s and 317s

    Services would include the following
    London Liverpool Street to Enfield Town 2tph
    London Liverpool Street, Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath, London Fields, Hackney Downs, Rectory Road, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, Seven Sisters, Bruce Grove, White Hart Lane, Silver Street, Edmonton Green, Bush Hill Park and Enfield Town

    London Liverpool Street - cheshunt 2tph
    • Bethnal Green
    • Cambridge Heath
    • London Fields
    • Hackney Downs
    • Rectory Road
    • Stoke Newington
    • Stamford Hill
    • Seven Sisters
    • Bruce Grove
    • White Hart Lane
    • Silver Street
    • Edmonton Green
    • Southbury
    • Turkey Street
    • Theobalds Grove
    • Cheshunt
    London Liverpool Street 4 tph

    These service would be shared between 2 trains
    Rolling stock
    Class 315

    Class 317

    The map of the route

    Mileage and station count
    London Liverpool street to
    Enfield Town 10.5 miles
    Cheshunt 14.5 miles
    Chingford 9.5 miles
    There are 31 stations overall

    With 8 trains per hour from Liverpool street it is not the most exiting route but is a commuter route with 2 interesting trains

    Potential add ons
    If the route was set in 2020 you could introduce the
    Class 710
    Which has faster acceleration than the previous 2 and has a decent motor sound
    The introduction of these could open up too other trains such as the 345 and 720
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    As a throwback DLC we could have the Class 125 diesel hydraulic multiple units which were once used on this route.
    Screenshot_20211026-113912_Samsung Internet.jpg
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