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Loco Detail

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by WVUadam, May 5, 2021.

  1. WVUadam

    WVUadam Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2018
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    If am mistaken within the roadmap stream there was a discussion involving the amount of detail that goes into creating a train , developing the interior where passengers sit and suggesting that people don't appreciate it alot. As mainly players sit in the driver's seat.

    I for one is concerned with this as detailing in these locos could be decreased and perhaps could turn into TS where you only have access to the cab.
    I think it's incredible to see the whole train. Being able to walk through each carriage , sit at any seat regardless of train operator. There is a lot of detail to be seen. For the price we pay for train addons the amount of detail is perfect.

    Some possible key problems
    - Scenarios need to have variety. so for this rush hour service good one could be you have to catch a connecting train into Brighton to start another service to London victoria. Start the user catching a service or something.
    - when siting as a passenger seat the audio is dreadful to listen to and can be very off putting. Routes aren't that busy even when spawning in the morning

    And it gets said a lot but multiplayer would also help to fix your concern as players would sit in carriages with their friends.
    Modes developed such as ticket inspector/train conductor could help get people to get in the carriages more.

    The rush hour routes could sway more people to spawn as a passenger more as the routes should be more busy.
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  2. Doomotron

    Doomotron Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2018
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    Back in the old days of TSW, there was a lot more variety in scenarios, with scenarios like West World (pretty much as you described), the one where you pulled a dead HST with a Class 66, and the trains terminating at Ealing Broadway (?) in Winter. They seem to have gone down the boring route recently and they definitely aren't as memorable as they used to be. Down The Line was something we only saw once, with multiple ways to complete the scenario, and again West World was memorable because of the short 166 ride.

    It was similar in Train Simulator, where DTG were a lot more imaginative with their scenarios. Because there weren't that many trains and routes 'back in the day', they had to make do with what they had, and we got some interesting results. One of the scenarios from the Class 08 pack (the original Rail Simulator one) was the one in the FGW 08, which was a pretty normal shunting scenario by itself, but DTG added context to the scenario that made it a lot more enjoyable (the story was that it was the big day when First were introducing their new brand, but somebody had moved the coaches all around the sidings for a laugh).

    The Somerset And Dorset Joint Railway had some scenarios that were set in a universe where the line hadn't been closed. I remember two scenarios. The first is in the Class 170 pack (although I believe it is only available when acquired from Edinburgh to Glasgow), where you run a normal passenger service, and the other is a freight service included in the original Class 66 pack. That pack also included a railtour service on the GWML, which was a change. The GWML had a scenario (I believe it was included in the individual FGW Green/Gold HST pack) where you were driving the Night Riviera sleeper with an HST due to a stock shortage.

    For both games, DTG have made the scenarios more realistic, but this makes them less interesting. They built a system in TSW so that those looking to run normal, timetabled services can do so in a massive, real-time environment, but then they fill the 3 or 5 scenarios included with even more normal services. I don't want a less interesting Service Mode, I want West World again.
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