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    As for many people, it seems, for me London-Brighton is currently on the boundary between being playable and unplayable in terms of frame-rates (not a surprise when you consider the number of trains). I think DTG have done the right thing by not adding extra ‘rush hour’ passengers at this stage. I hope, if/when they do add them, they add them as an option, not as mandatory.

    Passengers are the least realistic looking element of the surroundings on TSW2. That’s not a criticism - people are harder than buildings and trains to re-create convincingly - but it means that, for me, the extra passengers don’t really add to the immersion. If anything, seeing lots of them shuffling around has the opposite effect.

    I’d much rather have a route which is playable, with a small number of passengers, than a route which is unplayable, with lots of passengers.
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