Xbox London Commuter: 1w16 Can't Be Completed Due To Ai Train Failing To Couple

Discussion in 'TSW Troubleshooting & Issues Discussion' started by cloudyskies21, Jan 4, 2022.

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    Good Evening.

    This is the first London Commuter service I've found to be impossible to finish. This is the 1W16 06:58 service between London Victoria and Brighton. The service is fine for 99% of the journey until reaching Brighton. I was greeted with another train held at a red signal in front which, in turn, was caused by a train blocking platform 3.

    This problem was caused as a four-car 387 sits in platform 3 while an eight-car service is suppose to couple to make it a twelve-car service. I assume one of these is a depot move? Unfortunately, the eight-car with its headlights on stops just a metre or two without coupling.

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