Long Island Rail Road Shortfalls

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by Mat_Jam_Ca, Mar 29, 2021.

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    Jun 4, 2020
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    I like the LIRR DLC we have in TSW, but I can’t pretend to understand the signalling or safety systems (apart from the alerter), so I never use them.

    Watching LIRR cab ride videos on YouTube, it is painfully obvious that LIRR in game is missing countless speed limit boards (orange diamond shaped signs with a black number) and whistle boards (white square shaped signs with a black W). How were these missed in game?

    I’ve also heard Adam say they’re unable to make changes to the signalling system as that would effectively balls up the timetable, so what is the LIRR signalling system missing in game?
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    Oct 24, 2020
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    Speed limit and whistle sings are to be found effectively nowhere on the LIRR. I've never seen any of them, when in reality, the route is supposed to have them. I don't understand how hard it would be to add them, but it doesn't sound particularly hard. The speed limit signs are already on SPG, and as for whistles, it should be fairly easy to make a white square and place a black W on it. I'd rather see the LIRR updates get delayed so that this gets added, if I'm being honest.
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    Long Island Rail Road could be such a great route yet it falls short is more than a few areas.
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