PC M7 Doors Not Working Properly On East Coastway

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by james#6343, Jan 29, 2021.

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    (NOTE: I tried to submit a ticket using the support system, but I'm not sure if it went through because after clicking submit, I got a page saying "413 Request Entity Too Large." Not sure if this is because the video I attached was too big, but that's unlikely as it was only a minute long and recorded at 1080p)

    I was driving the M7 (LIRR DLC) on the East Coastway line. (Starting from the leftmost of the map) and after leaving the origin station where the doors worked normally, the following two stations were programmed to the wrong doors. What I mean is that the platform was on the left, and when I opened the left doors, the game would continue to ask me to "unlock doors."

    I initially thought this was because I had enabled the pass-through for the doors on the last 4 coaches. (I was using an 8 coach model and wanted only the first 4 coaches to open to make it more realistic) but after reloaded the scenario and leaving the door pass-throughs alone, I still had the same problem.

    I then decided to open the doors on the otherside to see if that would cause the game to start "loading passengers" and lo-and-behold it worked.

    I'm not sure how many stations are affected, because I quit the game after the issue happened at the next stop, so I could write this report. However, if needed, I can go back in game and write a list of all stations that this happens in and I can also see if it happens with all variants of the M7 (though I have to submit another report because anything longer than the 8 car M7 instantly de-rails when the scenario starts)

    I do have videos of the issue happening, but the forum won't let me upload them saying they're "too big." (They're about 330 MB each)

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