Mid Hants Railway (the Watercress Line)

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    So, this is a route that I have seen on websites like JustTrains, but I don't really want to spend money on a website like that (I'm sceptical I'll get a virus lol), so I feel like an official version of the Mid Hants Railway would be good, with locos that actually works on that line!

    Included stuff:
    No. 34007 West Country Class "Wadebridge"
    No. 30925 SR Schools Class "Cheltenham"
    Full length route replication of the Mid Hants Railway: The Watercress Line.
    BR Green Mk1 Coaches
    Detailed Stations
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    Why do you think JustTrains will give you a virus? JustTrains is a reputable site, I have been using them for years as well as their JustFlight products. Never any problem.

    I have answered your other post with sites I have suggested. Both reputable and respected by the TS community. If you are going to limit yourself only DTG products then you will miss out on a lot of high quality goodies.
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    Products on Steam are also by other developers. If you have real virus concerns, don't ever waste your time with the Tadami Line in Japan (Union Workshop), or the CSX Hanover (High Iron Simulations), or the Western Lines of Scotland (KrossRails), or goodness forbid, ECML North: Newcastle - Edinburgh (oh hey, Just Trains products at Steam). Clearly, anything from anyone other than DTG is not your cup of tea, so ignore ALL of this and just play things that are not as good as these options.

    The point here is that you SHOULD be willing to try other products. Developers don't develop stuff to take over your PC. You can't really enjoy your game that way. If they charge you money and plant a virus, that is a criminal act. They would not do this.

    Speaking of Just Trains, read included items carefully. Through JT directly, you often get more scenarios and some involve trains only available from their site as separate DLC. Kyle Line is a good example even with several scenarios not found via Steam that involve standard stock or other locos on Steam.
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    Of course it's up to you where you spend your money, but I've had loads of products off JT. The only thing that really differs is that you download an installer and have to enter your login details to get it to install the product, and it's not in your Steam library.

    Obviously some people just like to purchase/download via one source and that's okay. JT have put routes on Steam for sale (Chiltern Mainline, Metropolitan Line, one or two others).

    But it does mean you might miss out on stuff you really want, and DTG don't typically replicate existing payware -- I was highly surprised they did WCML South if I'm honest, given that there is an excellent freeware version.
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