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Missing Signaling Functions In Developer Docs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dakota, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Dakota

    Dakota Member

    May 13, 2018
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    In the Developer Documentation > Signaling Function Reference, the following signaling functions are not included. They are very useful in signal scripts!!

    Call( "GetLinkApproachControl", LinkNumber ) - state of checkbox "approach control", 0 or 1
    Call( "GetLinkLimitedToYellow", LinkNumber ) - state of checkbox "limited aspect", 0 or 1
    Call( "GetLinkFeatherChar", LinkNumber ) - Contents of "Name of Route" field, integer (ASCII code, 1st char only)
    Call( "GetLinkSpeedLimit", LinkNumber ) - Contents of "Speed of Route" field, integer
    Call ( "GetId" ) - Contents of the ID field, string​

    Are there others? I was lucky to have found this while surfing forum posts. I am also unsure of the meanings, and the signal behaviors that may be implied by setting these signal options.
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  2. Jacko

    Jacko New Member

    Jan 20, 2018
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    Hi Dakota,

    I know it's been more than six months since you posted this, but just in case this helps...

    There's an excellent resource on TrainSimDev, albeit one aimed primarily for a third-party set of signals, which is accompanied by a set of its own documentation, as well as a really helpful playlist of YouTube videos that demonstrate (from route-creator and driver perspectives) what the outcomes are, what the changes do, etc, etc.


    Whilst it's not directly applicable in all ways to the inbuilt Kuju signal set, it's very, very similar (and probably shares some base code under the hood - alas we won't know because all these third-party signals have their Lua scripts pre-compiled, and decompiling them is not easy or recommended). Broadly-speaking they follow the same principles as the Kuju original set. And, you should find that the original Kuju set(s) all have their Lua files uncompiled, so these can be viewed in any normal text-editor, including Notepad.

    I appreciate that from your username, possibly you are from the US, and thus your signals may be very different, but this may still help you, all the same. I believe the original Kuju US signals Lua files are similarly 'in plain text'. You may be able to work out the specifics of what the function-calls you've referred to are doing, by referring to those Lua scripts on a 'per-signal' basis. I'd start with the simple signals first, then work up to the complex junction signals with feathers and approach control, etc - but it is possible to garner some clues from that, if you are patient and persistent!

    I completely agree with you that the Developer Documentation needs updating, if DTG actually want to enlist more people in creative activities and keep TS20xx supported in the years to come. I sometimes wish I had picked back-bedroom DNA-sequencing, or amateur brain-surgery, as hobbies - I have a feeling they'd be so much easier than mastering the Railworks Editor! ;)

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