More Gp9s And Gp9 Chop Noses

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    If you take one thing away from this, it's this. WE LACK GP9s. Now the og GP9 dlc addon had several GP9s in American Liveries. Burlington Northern, Milwaukee, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Santa Fe (two liveries), Rock Island, Union Pacific, Southern, Southern Pacific (2 liveries), Canadian National, Great Northern, D&RGW, CNW, and Western Pacific, which were great no matter how strange the horns and bells were. We need more of them because while they get some love appearing in few modern day dlc routes, and most appearing in routes that were dated way back in the 1900s, they don't get enough love. There is a short line GP9 in CSX Hanover Sub, and several in The Chessie System Retro Pack, B&O Kingwood Branch Route, B&O Mountain Sub Route, B&O Mountain Sub Retro Pack, Mount Shasta Route, Donner Pass, Soldier Summit route, and so on. You get the idea! We need more of them. While DTG and DTM are working hard (which I hate to admit sometimes) trying to recreate American routes and locos that are barely ever mentioned, I crave more old school locos. It's fun using the GP9, I'll admit, even if every single horn and bell are the freaking same for all of them. And it would be even more fun if we had more GP9 liveries. Idc if they have to be in a livery pack, just please DTG and DTM, give us some more GP9s.

    Chop Noses:
    I play Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (as you can tell from my profile pic) and I absolutely freaking love chop nose GP9s, GP7s, and SD9s. It's cool to see two actual versions of a locomotive with one having a high nose and the other having a nose clipping (aka chop nose) and we have never had any chop nose locomotives in Train Simulator. That should have changed when the Hanover Sub came out (or more realistically, when the B&O Mountain Subdivision came out). We need chop nose locomotives. I've always wanted to see high nose locomotives with chop noses. This could go for already existing locomotives like the GP9 pack, B&O Mountain Sub route and retro pack, Chessie System Retro Pack, Western Pacific GP20 Pro Range loco addon, Mount Shasta Line GP9, and so on. What ever happened to equality (you know... locomotive equality)? If there's a high hood locomotive, then it deserves a chop nose variant. I can't believe I'm the only one so far to mention chop noses.

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    I would really like to see a new cab on the Gp9's! Really needs a graphics update to bring it up to today's standards.
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    Chop nosed geeps , GP7 and GP9 would be most welcome, they have been around for a long time in the chopped form.

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