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More Workshops And Interactive Loading Areas

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by geloxo, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. geloxo

    geloxo Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2018
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    Personally what I always liked more about railways are those old and dirty industrial, workshop and loading areas that we can find even in the modern stations. Sometimes they are abandoned but some are still active. Also we have modern ones, for to me the old style ones are charming.

    I would like to have some things related to this:

    1) More workshops with interiors and opening doors. Most routes have those workshops but you can´t get inside. Even if being basic, it´s always nice to be able to move engines or rolling stock inside those buildings and sheds

    2) At least one main and usable maintanace workshop area per route. They are included in some routes, but again most are not accesible. Even if being a small shed, it´s always nice to have a place for maintenance. In this case at least they should have a pit for inspection or some basic tooling around. Maintenance of rolling stock is a fundamental part of railway tasks.

    3) More interactive loading areas. Freight loading is forgotten in this game. We have a ton of stations to load passengers, but very few freight stations, loading areas or docks. You can do shunting and hauling, but game can offer much more. The Oakville ethanol loading is the perfect example. You have to literally do the whole loading process yourself. We don´t need that all loading tasks have a really nice and detailed visual loading process, but at least to have a platform with an auxiliary building to move wagons into it so that they can be loaded with something, like boxes or general goods.

    4) More cranes for loading. We miss a working container crane, logs/lumber or steel loading cranes and general woods ones, in addition to grain loaders, one of the most popular cargos for railways. We have most of the wagons, but we miss the process to load them. Some cranes examples below:

    rail-mounted-container-goliath-crane39480851120.jpg 59502e18-c74d-4901-9002-6e1d91ed5968-A31965.jpg Town_railway_goods_yard_crane,_Beamish_Museum,_11_September_2011.jpg

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  2. 59321747

    59321747 Active Member

    Sep 16, 2020
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    I hope to be able to do it both in single player and multiplayer games. I hope I will load containers and cargo for trains driven by other players.
    After loading many carriages, I saw the train he was driving out of my sight. What a desirable thing.
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