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Xbox Multiple Crashes / Out Of Memory Errors

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by JasperHuskyFox, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. JasperHuskyFox

    JasperHuskyFox Member

    Dec 5, 2019
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    So far I've had 3 Out Of Memory (OOM) errors telling me to "insure graphics card has enough video memory, or reduce resolution", of course since I'm on an original Xbox One, I can't just swap parts around. I've also had so far 7 crashes, once in the livery editor, the rest while driving randomly. The crash is either like when you pull a disc out of an old PlayStation; the sound just loops the past half second and the picture freezes, or it just blackscreens. Either way TSW2 feels like a techdemo than a real fully fledged game. I payed $40 CAD for this. I had the original TSW when it was only GWR, and it NEVER crashed at 1080p. Now I'm lucky if I can run a ICE3 Express service without an OOM, or crash, all while at 720p

    Tbh DTG should have ironed out all the bugs, tested it on ALL relevant hardware (Xbox One original release, Xbox One S, and all the other types of modern Xbox) before selling it at either a premium, or adding stuff like the preserved collection. How am I supposed to enjoy my preserved collection without the game giving me the middle finger? I guess I'll go back to the OG TSW, where it can actually run

    Meanwhile I bought Crash Bandicoot 4 on release (disc), and it runs fine, no bugs, no crashes, no OOM, 1080p on a 2014 original Xbox One, and it's a 2020 title..

    Oh, and I'm still waiting for the RT to get fixed, whenever that will be.

    I'm going to have to wait maybe a year or two to see if TSW2 smartens up and becomes stable, or a useless cashgrab

    I'll be ready to do more stuff with it when I can actually enjoy it, or when my PC gets built to spec (roughly 1 year hopefully)

    I'll maybe update this if I keep getting crashes or OOM.
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  2. darylb88

    darylb88 New Member

    Sep 13, 2020
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    I would recommend holding out until you can get your PC built or Maybe you could try getting a Xbox one X or the new Xbox Series S. I have it in the one X and it runs pretty well albeit with a few bugs. The OG Xbox One and One S already had dated hardware 7 years ago so a GPU intensive game like this will be a little too much. Big budget studios like Activison spend a lot of money on CPU/GPU optimisation but DTG would have a much smaller budget hence why it will run poorly on base Xbox One and PS4.

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