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My Ts2021 Ideas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by raptorengineer, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. raptorengineer

    raptorengineer Active Member

    Jan 16, 2018
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    so since ts2020 is finish and soon to be release i going to talk about ideas for ts2021. reason why i talking about it now cause on post or something dtg stated that right when ts2019 was release they started working on ts2020.
    so maybe DTG could give hint on what plans for ts2021 that way we can give them good input. yes i know DTG doesn't want to ruin the surprise but if there no hint on want next then how we put in good input on subject.

    anyway here my input for ts2021.
    1. i just to see more stuff added to the blueprint editor. things like object snap to loft like covert or tunnel building, yes you can do that but the object has to be road or rail loft and it has to be set to ether X or t intersection for it to work.

    2. add lights to loft object. at this point you can't add lights or illuminated object to loft beleave me i tried. i made a wall mounted lamp and i added a light gizmo child object to it. then i added it loft by middle geometry bpid in the loft bp. i got the lamp to show on loft but the light gizmo doesn't show up or work. so that something i like to see added.

    maybe open street map add on to ether add next to google earth or replace.

    i was thinking about Godot game engine but that might be very complexes to do.

    track side message pop up. so if you made a object and you like to have message pop up during game play you would save the object in track side message bp. and it be like portal both way arrows that you clip to track while in the editor. then in the scenario when you have it set to destinations that you named it you have that message box that you can put your message in. like the siding box. but you don't have to extend the end point arrows this would be good for ai trains you can trigger the ai to blow the horn.

    that what i got so far for ideas for ts2021
  2. ARuscoe

    ARuscoe Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2018
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    I would say...
    • compete re-write for the editor, especially scenario editing, as it has a lot of legacy controls that are no longer required, and it crashes worse now than when it was only 32 bit
    • Rework the HUD which could allow the F4 and F3 HUDs at the bottom or a "free floating" hud, maybe even customizable
    • Of course the biggest change would be to move from and old Dx version to the newest, allowing for much better utilization of modern PC capabilites such as multi-threading, but that might be too too much to ask
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