Nc Raleigh District / Norfolk Southern H Line (greensboro - Raleigh)

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    This route from Greensboro to Raleigh runs for 86 miles between Norfolk Southern's Pomona and Glenwood freight yards. This route also features the Norfolk Southern East Durham Yard, the CSX Raleigh Yard and the NCDOT Rail Division Capital Yard.
    The route is a part of the route for the Piedmont and Carolinian trains, operated by both NCDOT's Rail Division and Amtrak. These trains stop at Greensboro, Burlington, Durham, Cary, and Raleigh Union stations.
    Freight trains operated by Norfolk Southern and CSX run on this route, although CSX does not operate west of Durham on this line. There are many businesses along the route that still have materials and equipment delivered by rail. This would allow for the route to feature moderate distance freight journeys between depots, and shorter journeys between the depots and the companies that use rail freight.

    Route map featuring only the Pomona Yard - Glenwood Yard route.
    Route map featuring additional connecting lines to businesses that use rail feight.
    This map does not feature the businesses west of Polmona Yard.

    The rolling stock for this route is as follows:
    EMD GP38-2 (NS & CSX)
    wikimedia commons

    EMD GP38-2 High Hood (NS)

    EMD GP40-2 (NS & CSX)

    EMD GP40X High Hood (NS)

    EMD GP50 (NS)

    EMD SD40-2 (NS)

    GE Dash 9-44CW (NS)

    GE ES40DC (NS & CSX)

    GE ES44AC (NS & CSX)
    locomotive wiki

    GE P42DC (Amtrak)


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    As a person that lives on this route I will say this is a great route to recreate in-game. The amount of freight and passenger traffic is amazing for this route. The CSX S-line parallels the H-line (NS just recently changed the line name to NC-Line) from Fetner to Boylan then cuts North towards the yard. Before I include more information here's a few things I would HIGHLY suggest.

    1. This should be Greensboro, NC to Selma, NC instead as majority of the traffic is through freight/passenger.
    2. Consider the era for the locomotive roster and/or rail traffic. As of today's times (Now) A LOT of these engines don't exist anymore on the roster. Also the costumer base on the line dropped heavily around Raleigh (I do know for a fact).

    My personal opinion, I would like to base the route between 2000s - 2018 (Preferably before the new union station) due to the amount of amazing power, amount of traffic, and the number of costumers that was on the line. If anything, NCDoT (North Carolina Dept. of Transportation) and NS is a BIG target for this route. There is way too many Norfolk Southern train ID's to list (including extras, unit, & MoW, trains) but I can say there's 10 (currently) Amtrak's, and 4 CSX Trains (Not including, extra's and MoWs) that run on this route.

    If the route is created I wish for the creator to include both Norfolk Southern Glenwood yard and CSX Capital yard WITH the interchange track at the North end of the yard and maybe one of the branch-line. I could go on and on but I'll probably do that when need be.
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