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New Daily Live Tournament Schedule Launches Tomorrow

Discussion in 'PC' started by DTG Darren N, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Jun 14, 2016
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    The December league gets under way tomorrow and we are excited to say that the daily tournaments have had a revamp! The tournaments are now designed to add variety on a day to day basis but also stay true to the fish that you want to catch from each lake and the kind of competitions you could expect to fish in real life, testing all of your angling techniques and skills over the course of the week. The new schedule is as follows;

    Event name: Linear Monday – St Johns Lake

    Event date and time: Every Monday from 8am GMT for 24 hours

    ‘Linear Monday’ takes place on the famous St Johns Lake and is a great way to start the competitive week. Being a big open gravel pit, there is plenty of opportunities to cast at long range but the margins should never be ignored! The challenge is to catch the biggest combined weight of common carp and catfish that you can with 2 x 60 minute attempts to record your best score.

    Event name: 3-Coarse Tuesday – The Observatory

    Event date and time: Every Tuesday from 8am GMT for 24 hours

    ‘3-Coarse Tuesday’ is the tournament that shows it’s not all about catching those huge carp! Here you are targeting the bream, tench and roach but remember that despite The Observatory being our introductory lake, it still contains some specimen sized fish! The action should be fast paced and to reflect that you have to catch as many fish as possible with 4 x 30 minute attempts available to record your best score.

    Event name: Carp Wednesday – Digger Lake

    Event date and time: Every Wednesday from 8am GMT for 24 hours

    ‘Carp Wednesday’ takes place on Digger Lakes – our licensed venue based in Devon, UK. This intimate lake is a series of islands and channels, perfect for stalking the carp that reside in here. You may have to stay mobile as they use the layout of the lake to their advantage, always looking to seek shelter. Being a carp only venue, only carp count and you need to catch the biggest combined weight of fish that you can with 2 x 60 minute attempts to record your best score.

    Event name: Matchday Thursday – L’Arene

    Event date and time: Every Thursday from 8am GMT for 24 hours

    ‘Matchday Thursday’ is held on L’Arene, a traditional match fishing venue. Here the rules are very simple – catch the highest weight of fish that you can with every species counting. However, tactics aren’t as simple with the lake full of smaller fish, will you try to build your weight up with the float or will you wait for some of the bigger carp to come along using carp fishing methods? You have 4 x 30 minute attempts to decide and record your best score.

    Event name: Spanish Friday – Presa Del Monte Bravo

    Event date and time: Every Friday from 8am GMT for 24 hours

    ‘Spanish Friday’ is a great way to end the competitive week by trying your hand on our mountainous venue Presa Del Monte Bravo that is home to our biggest fish including a monstrous 150lb catfish! In this tournament you are targeting mirror and leather crap as well as the big catfish so strong equipment will be needed. This is all about how many fish you can catch with the highest number winning. You have 2 x 60 minute attempts to catch your best score.

    Some points to remind you of regarding our live tournaments;

    1.Regardless of what settings you have chosen, the leaderboard in game will be set to metric and display your score in kilograms.

    2. Please be consistent with your character / user name to ensure that you are picking up maximum points. Matt and Matthew may be the same person but will be registered as two different! Try to use something unique (but not offensive) to ensure you pick up the correct points each time.

    To remind you all how the league works;
    •Each week we will be hosting 6 tournaments (one per week day plus one for the weekend)

    •Winning (or ranking well) in a tournament gives you League points (see appendix below)

    •Players accumulate League Points over the course of each month.

    •League rankings will be published and updated in this thread.

    •At the end of each month the Top 10 players get a Euro-Fishing t-shirt (maximum of 4 t-shirts per player)

    How to join our daily or weekend tournaments:
    1.Launch Euro Fishing

    2.Once in the main menu, click on “Live Tournament” (bottom left tile)

    3.Click on the proposed tournament of your choice. Win conditions will be listed in the tournament description.
    League Points (LP) awarded per tournament:

    1st - 30 points
    2nd - 25 points
    3rd - 23 points
    4th - 22 points
    5th - 21 points
    6th - 20 points
    7th - 19 points
    8th - 18 points
    9th - 17 points
    10th - 16 points
    down to 25th getting 1 point.

    Daily tournaments start each weekly at 08:00 BST. Weekend tournaments start each Friday at 16:00 BST.

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