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New High Speed Pack

Discussion in 'Loco Suggestions & Proposals' started by NotAgain, May 15, 2019.

  1. NotAgain

    NotAgain Member

    Sep 21, 2018
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    With the advent of the new Class 800/801/802 with four Train Operating Companies, (GWR, LNER, TPE and Hull Trains), I think the time is right for a sizable, varied pack of new intercity rolling stock with scenarios for a number of routes.

    The stock I can see having a role in th new pack is as follows:

    Class 800

    The Class 800 is part of the IEP family, a Bi-Modal Multiple Unit, operating on electric traction motors, but able to operate from OLE or their own on-board diesel generators. Operated by Great Western Railway, replacing their 40-year-old Intercity 125 sets running to Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea, and by London North Eastern Railway, to be introduced this year and start replacing their HSTs and Intercity 225s on the East Coast Mainline.

    5-Car and 9-Car units in use.
    Maximum speed of 125mph, capable of being upgraded to 140mph if given ETCS equipment.
    80 units constructed/ordered.

    Possible scenarios:
    Express services on the ECML South (London - Peterbrough) and ECML Modern (Peterbrough - York).
    Special Inaugural service.
    Contingecy scenario (Failed unit/unusual stops).

    Express and (possibly) Semi-Fast services on SWC Bristol - Swansea.
    Perhaps services on the Paddington - Didcot/Oxford line, but it's a long way out of date now.
    800003 Naming ceremony (Slough - Paddington, to be named by HRM Quen Elizabeth II at the end).
    Contingecy scenario (Failed unit/unusual stops).

    Class 801

    Another member of the IEP family, the Class 801 is the Class 800's pure-electric variant. We already have a decent Class 801 in TS2019, so this could well be a re-release of that one in a full LNER skin, not the Hitachi Test Livery that it currently wears. The 801 is the only IEP to be used by only one TOC at the moment, with doesn't bother LNER, as none of their intercity routes are un-electrified.

    5-Car and 9-Car units in service.
    Maximum Speed of 125mph, 140mph if ETCS equipment is added.
    42 units constructed.

    Possible Scenarios:
    Broadly similar to the LNER scenarios for the Class 800. This is probably the weakest link in the pack, especially seeing as there's already an 801 available.

    Class 802

    The Class 802 is largely identical to the Class 800, in being an electro-diesel unit, but it's designed for extended periods of diesel running, equipped with more powerful diesel engines and larger fuel tanks, unlike the 800, which is designed mostly for finishing a journey on an un-electrified line, or making part of its run through a 'diesel island'. The Class 802 is the most widely-used IEP of the lot, with orders placed by Great Western Railway, Hull Trains, TransPennine Express and First Group, for an as-yet-unnamed open access operation between London and Edinburgh. Their most notable uses will be on the Cornish Mainline (London Paddington - Penzance, via Taunton and the Riviera Line) and London - Paignton services with GWR and on the North Transpennine Line (Liverpool - Edinburgh via Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle) by TPE.

    The same as the other two IEPs.

    Possible scenarios:
    Newton Abbot - Exeter.
    Exeter - Paignton.
    Special excursion tour all the way to Kingswear.
    HST Farwell?

    Liverpool - Manchester, and perhaps an extension to Huddersfield should be considered?
    Special services of some description.
    The lack of modern era transpennine routes limits this unit severely.

    Class 397

    Moving away from the IEP family now, TransPennine Express aren't relying on just the 802 for their new InterCity fleet, they've also invested in the Class 397, built on the Civity UK platform by Spanish manufacturer CAF. The 397s are going to be taking over TPE's Liverpool - Glasgow/Edinburgh run, up the West Coast Mainline, a large proportion of which we already have for TS2019. As the whole route is electrified, there's no need for an electro-diesel like the 802.

    5-car units, seating 286 passengers.
    Max speed of 125mph.
    12 sets ordered.

    Possible scenarios:
    3-part InterCity scenario across WCML Trent Valley, WCML Over Shap and WCML North.
    Testing scenario, with unusual demands on the driver.
    Failed Set. Rescue/replacement.

    Class 373

    Ah, yes, the original EuroStar. What's that I hear? We don't have a cross-channel route available? Worry not! For, that wasn't the 373's only stomping ground. In addition to working cross-channel services, the 373 also put in regular apperances on the East Coast Mainline, working for Great North Eastern Railway (GNER) on the White Rose London - York service from 2000 to 2005, initially to cover for InterCity 225 sets undergoing major overhauls in the early 2000s.

    2 power cars, 14 trailers.
    Max speed:186mph (208mph record speed)
    3 'North of London' sets built.

    Possible scenarios:
    2-part full run on ECMLS and ECMLM.
    Inaugural run into King's Cross from Peterbrough/Stevenage.

    AI units

    I think that, much like an AI HST in FGW livery was included in the Riviera Line despite there being no scenarios for it, I feel that a few units should be included for AI purposes. My suggestions are as follows:

    HSTs reskinned in GNER and LNER liveries and the GWR HST from SWC.
    A GWR reskin for the Riviera Line Class 143.
    Class 170 reskinned for TPE.
    Class 350 reskinned for TPE.
    Intercity 225 reskinned in GNER and LNER liveries.

    I also think that a DRS liveried Class 68 would be useful as a rescue unit
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  2. Kyle_Lennard1

    Kyle_Lennard1 Member

    Apr 5, 2018
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    Class 800/801/802
    As much as a decent 80x is needed in Train sim the issue will be down to licensing with the TOCs who operate the units.

    Class 397
    Since DTG don't have the license for TPE they cannot make it for TS.

    Class 373
    A unit that has been highly requested but Eurostar are very strict when it comes to licensing so don't expect one any time soon.

    AI units
    If you want a GNER HST head over to Armstrong Powerhouse and pick up both the Valenta and MTU Enhancement packs.
    A GWR reskin for the Riviera Line Class 143 is available from Superalbs.
    Class 170 FTPE is available from either DPSimulation or part of the 168/170/171 Enhancement pack from.Armstrong Powerhouse.
    TPE Class 350 is in the Armstrong Powerhouse 350 Enhancement pack.
    Intercity 225 in GNER is included in the Class 91 Enhancement pack from Armstrong Powerhouse.
    LNER HST/225s are both available on Alan Thomson Sim.
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  3. 749006

    749006 Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2016
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    And if you want a DRS or TPE liveried Class 68 get the AP Enhancement Pack
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