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    Just been playing the Tees Valley preserved collection route on Train Sim World 2 and have been thinking about a possible route suggestion / DLC. I have come to the conclusion of two routes I would think be suitable for dovetail games to create around the area of the Tees Valley route.

    1. Manchester - Leeds - Darlington
    So this first route suggestion would be integrating the original Trans-Pennine route from Manchester to Leeds and extending the route north to Darlington which is already in the game. I'm not entirely sure this is possible to integrate two routes together nevertheless. The two routes are as I believe set in the same time period using the class 101 and many of the same locos. (I'll leave this open to discussion)

    2. ECML (Some of it)
    So my second and more realistic suggestion is a section of the ECML using again - Darlington - a station already part of the train sim world collection and either extending the route South, North or maybe some kind of mid point which I will go on to discuss. If this route was to be a midpoint and keeping in mind DTG's route sizes based on previous routes we could possibly see a route such as, Newcastle - Durham - Darlington - York. This route usually takes just under an hour from point to point and has some interesting stations and scenery along the way.

    I'm not sure quite what to add to this at this moment as this is my first post so I'm happy to read through your comments and hopefully see either route in Train Sim World 2 at some point ;)

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