Niddertalbahn (frankfurt-) Bad Vilbel To Glauburg - Stockheim With Br642 And Br245

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    The route leads from Frankfurt main station via Bad Vilbel to Glauburg Stockheim (47 kilometres).
    It is 47 kilometres from Frankfurt to Stockheim and it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

    There is a lot of train traffic and the schedules are tightly timed. Between Frankfurt main station and Bad Vilbel, BR146 with Dostos(RE30), BR423 (S6), BR442 (RB40/41), BR429 Flirt 1 (RE98/ 99), BR245 (RB34/48 four trips a day) and BR642 (RB34 main vehicle).

    In TSW 2 BR146, BR423, BR442 are already available. The BR429 Flirt 1 could be replaced by BR425.

    Only the Desiro Classic(BR642) and the BR 245 for the RB34 is missing. The Desiro Classic (BR642) runs during rush hour in 20/30 minute intervals between Glauburg Stockheim and Frankfurt with 3 vehicles (3x BR642 in one trip). However, in the morning there is also a 30 minute interval (5:30 am to 7:08 am) between Bad Vilbel and Stockheim.
    Therefore, the trains have to run on time, because every delay affects other trains.​
    The BR245 run on the RB34 6 trips. 04:35 from Glauburg-Stockheim to Bad Vilbel, 06:30 and 07:00 from Glauburg Stockheim to Frankfurt Central Station. They also leave at 05:38 from Bad Vilbel, 16:44 from Frankfurt and 17:16 also from Frankfurt. The BR245 runs between Frankfurt and Bad Vilbel with 8/9 dostos. In Bad Vilbel the trains are separated. The front 5/4 cars drive to Glauburg Stockheim, the rear 4 cars drive to Nidda via Friedberg (No RB34)

    47 kilometres may sound short, but the top speed is 80 km/h. There are also 16 stations between Frankfurt and Glauburg – Stockheim where the RB34 stops. It is longer than with the BR425 from Augsburg to Munich(Only 42mins)

    I think the route is not boring, because you have to stick to the timetable very much. For this the timetable is very tight and you have to accelerate quickly and brake hard.
    In addition, the line will be modernized from 2022 to 2028

    Wikipedia Articles:–Glauburg-Stockheim

    Pictures of the Route:

    I hope the Route will come in TSW2. There was no German diesel line with passenger traffic in TSW2. And I think the track would be a good start
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    That’s a nice route. It should be coming because it’s a diesel route, and there isn’t a German diesel route. I would buy this route. The two locos are also new and nice. I hope it will come
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    I hope also that this Route come to TSW. Very nice Route with a lot of traffic
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