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Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by chris-penny, Aug 30, 2021.

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    May 5, 2020
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    I could do with some help on my Xbox One. The game itself is fine it's just the main menu and other menus. When I open the game, go onto Store, and then back to the route selection the selector goes away and I can't select a route. The screen/game isn't frozen because I can still access Store or Dovetail Live by pressing either 'X' or 'Y'. It isn't just for the main screen either. If I were to click a route then, for example, select explore but I wanted to back; I'd press 'B' and it woud take me back but my selector would be gone. This happens in game too. If I went onto the map, I wouldn't be able to move on it-even with the game working fine before. I kept press the back button but it wouldn't go off the map and it woukdn't go to menu.
    To undo this I have to restart the game and do everything in one go without any mistake because then I'd have to press back, etc. And my selector would have gone.
    Please help. It's really annoying and makes the game very difficult to play.

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