North Australia Railway (1944)

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    Before I get started I am aware this suggestion is a long shot.

    The North Australia Railway was a 509 km (316 mi) 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) narrow-gauge railway in the Northern Territory of Australia which ran from the territory capital of Darwin, once known as Palmerston, to Birdum, just south of Larrimah. Initially, its name was the Palmerston and Pine Creek Railway. The first section was opened in 1889, the last in 1929. The railway closed in 1976.

    I believe this route should be set in 1944 due it to being an important time in the railways' history with it being important of the war effort and also it is the time when the railway was busiest with up to 147 trains per week which is one almost every hour.

    Rolling stock
    NA class (1 total)
    NF class (6 total)
    NG class (5 total)
    Sentinel Steam Motor (1 total)
    (No image able to be found)
    Western Australian Government Railways "G" class (26 total)
    South Australian Government "Yx" class (18 Total)

    Useful links and videos Australia RAILWAY#
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    So wonderful to finally see a proposal for a Northern Territory route! I've added it to the list of Australian proposals found here:

    This railways certainly has a good amount of history to it. Yes it's peak was during World War 2, although the mines really sustained its traffic at high levels until its abandonment after Cyclone Tracy and mines closed in the 1976. I think it's also important to note that it 200km of the rail alignment reopened in the early 2000s and is now used as part of the Adelaide to Darwin Rail corridor.

    Obviously the full section of the line is not feasible, but the 124km (77 miles) between Darwin and Adelaide River Station is a excellently poised as a good length and a good route. Darwin is of course the northern terminus of the line, and Adelaide River Station is a good place to stop as it was an important stopping location on the line (and is preserved as a museum to the today).

    It had a turning triangle, a water reservoir, overhead tank, livestock loading ramps, and extensive passenger facilities. Addressing the passenger usage; A public holiday for the Northern Territory, 'Picnic Day', was created because of an annual picnic that would occur at the station held by the railway for railway employees and the station hotel, accommodation, and refreshment room was very busy around this period.

    During WW2 Adelaide river was an important military base. I'll just paste this excerpt from Wikipedia since it explains things well.
    Route development is always made easier when the reasources for the route and locomotives are immediately accessible for without dedicating quite some time into amassing them yourself. The site mentioned above '' has quite a selection of information in including locomotive and rolling stock diagrams '' and '', as well as operation manuals ''

    Hospital siding at Adelaide River Station:

    Map from the 1930s. The most solid line is the railway.
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