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    Hi there.
    I am wondering if there are any plans to re-release the North Wales Coastal routes, unbranded like you did with the South Wales route. The reason I am asking as there are a couple of freeware routes in an advanced stage, that rely on these routes for both content and assets including one set in LMS days running from Crewe through to Holyhead. Thanks in advance.

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    Nov 13, 2020
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    DTG have said that currently there are no plans to re-release NWC whether branded or not.
    The freeware routes will be using the old version so even if DTG did re-release NWC, it wouldn't be compatible with the freeware routes (the same way as routes requiring the old SWC route can't use the newer unbranded version).

    You could however, go to Humble Bundle and buy TS2018 which includes NWC Llandudno to Crewe (there's no way to get the Holyhead extension though).
    I did this a while ago for routes that required it as other sites that sell game keys had sold out.

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