North-western Germany: Bremen To Wilhelmshaven

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  1. Yes, absolutely. It sounds interesting and it is a missing part in the TSW 2 collection.

  2. Meh. Not sure.

  3. No. It sounds boring (+ comment as to why that is).

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    Welcome to my first ever suggestion on this forum. I hope you like it and have fun exploring this interesting route! I apologize in advance for any weird formulations, as I am not a native English speaker.


    • The Route, General description, stops
    • Possible (and recommended branch lines)
    • Traffic
    • Rolling Stock
    • Layers from existing German DLC
    • Loco-DLC
    • Conclusion
    • Links

    The route

    General description:
    Welcome to the north-west of Germany, Lower-Saxony state in particular. The route I am suggesting today runs between the city of Bremen and the coastal commune of Wilhelmshaven, passing the second largest city of Lower-Saxony, Oldenburg, on the way. Its length is about 100 Kilometers, 115 if DTG choose to include the branch line. Top speed of this route is 160 kph, being reached between Bremen and Oldenburg, the rest of the route to Wilhelmshaven and Bad Zwischenahn have a top speed of 120 kph. I have seen some suggestions regarding smaller, non-main lines already, but I am not sure if everyone could even tell where they are situated, so this route might have a little more value in recognition by the player. Bremen is one of the larger cities in Germany, with its own commuter trains, that players will be able to partially operate. Then, you make your way west to another larger city, Oldenburg, the hub for most regional trains operated by the local private operator NordWestBahn in this part of Lower-Saxony and having passed that, you will be able to appreciate the amazing scenery that is different to other German routes, as it is quite flat and not heavily populated. The route offers a wide arrangement of services, reaching from stopping services to InterCity ones. In addition to that, it enables unique driving experiences, as I’m suggesting to implement a German diesel multiple unit that operates on this line, and in addition to that, there are some rare services that feature uncoupling of a train formation so that the two halves can go on to different directions. Enjoy!







    Oldenburg HBF ------ Oldenburg-Wechloy ------ Bad Zwischenahn (branch line)








    Bremen Neustadt

    Bremen HBF

    Possible (and recommended) branch line:

    Oldenburg HBF to Bad Zwischenahn (about 15km)
    Added stops: Oldenburg-Wechloy, Bad Zwischenahn

    Adding 1 stop to the IC service towards Emden Außenhafen and Norddeich Mole and 2 stops to the Regio-S-Bahn line RS3, completing it from Bremen HBF to Bad Zwischenahn by the stops Oldenburg-Wechloy and Bad Zwischenahn. (For further information see “traffic”, as well as “loco-DLC”)


    stops (bold names represented in the route, italic names are the termini, blue font indicates branch line)

    RS 3/NordWestBahn/ET 440
    Bremen HBF – Bremen Neustadt – Heidkrug – Delmenhorst – Hoyenkamp – Schierbrok – Bookholzberg – Hude – Wüsting – Oldenburg HBF
    Oldenburg-Wecheloy – Bad Zwischenahn

    This is the 3rd line of the Regio-S-Bahn net operated by NordWestBahn, that connects the city and state Bremen with the larger area around it. Regio-S-Bahn isn’t simply called S-Bahn as it’s not approved as such and the lines are similar to traditional regional commuter services. This particular line RS 3 connects Bremen HBF to the communes in the west and also to the second largest city of the lower saxony state, Oldenburg. It runs parallel to the DB express service RE 1 as well as NordWestBahn’s RE 19 between Bremen HBF and Oldenburg HBF, although being the only train to stop at all stations. Operates once per hour per direction. Trip duration: 55 mins including the branch line, 38 mins without it.

    RS 4/NordWestBahn/ET 440
    Bremen HBF – Delmenhorst – Hude
    onwards to Nordenham

    The next line in the Regio-S-Bahn net is the RS 4, also operated by NordWestBahn. It runs parallel to the RS 3 until the track divides in Hude, which would be the last player-drivable stop on this line in the DLC and you might have noticed that it doesn’t stop at a number of stops between Bremen HBF and Hude, which it leaves to the RS 3, after Hude however, it stops at every station there is until Nordenham in the north west of Bremen. Operates once per hour per direction. Trip duration: 19 mins

    RE 18/NordWestBahn/VT 648 LINT 41
    From Osnabrück HBF – Oldenburg HBF – Rastede – Jaderberg – Varel – Sande – Wilhelmshaven

    This regional express service operated by NordWestBahn connects the third largest city of lower saxony, namely Osnabrück, to Wilhelmshaven up in the north, near the sea. The northmost third of the line would be drivable in this DLC, with the DMU (Diesel-Multiple-Unit) adding some never seen before variety to the gameplay. You will also notice the incredibly flat terrain that is to be found in this northern region of Germany. For some info on unique uncoupling procedures involving trains of this line, see RE 19. Operates once per hour per direction. Trip duration: 44 mins

    RE 19/NordWestBahn/VT 648 LINT 41
    Bremen HBF – Delmenhorst – Hude – Oldenburg HBF – Rastede – Jaderberg – Varel – Sande - Wilhelmshaven

    This is one of two complete services that would be driveable in this DLC, along with the RS 3 (given the branch to Bad Zwischenahn is included). This particular line, along with the RE 18 allows for some additional variety, because of the more or less unique procedure of uncoupling the DMU’s coming from Wilhelmshaven in Oldenburg, so that one half goes on to Osnabrück HBF as RE 18 and the other half to Bremen HBF as RE 19, meaning the train operated both RE 18 and RE 19 from Wilhelmshaven to Oldenburg HBF. This happens twice a day, as the RE 19 only operates once every four hours per direction, resulting in 4 services per direction per day, and only half of the trains coming from Wilhelmshaven are split. In the other direction, the trains do the distance between Oldenburg HBF and Wilhelmshaven separately. Trip duration: 1h 19 mins

    RB 58/NordWestBahn/VT 648 LINT 41
    From Osnabrück HBF – Delmenhorst – Bremen Neustadt – Bremen HBF

    This is a rather short service in the DLC, potentially even an AI only service with only three stops on the route. The purpose of this line is to connect the smaller communes in between Bremen and Osnabrück to the larger cities. Operates once per hour per direction. Trip duration: 14 mins

    RB 59/NordWestBahn/VT 648 LINT 41
    From Esens – Sande – Wilhelmshaven

    Just like the RB 58, this one might be an AI only service with no more than two stops on the route. The line connects smaller communes near the sea to Wilhelmshaven and operates once per hour per direction. Trip duration: 8 mins

    RE 1/DB Regio NDS/BR 146.2+7 DoStos
    From Hannover HBF – Bremen HBF – Delmenhorst – Hude – Oldenburg HBFBad Zwischenahnonwards to Norddeich-Mole

    This is the first and most important line of the regional net of Lower Saxony state and it connects the capital Hannover with Bremen, Oldenburg, Emden and Norddeich next to the sea. This service operates once in two hours per direction and in the section between Bremen HBF and Norddeich-Mole it creates a once-per-hour service with the InterCity train that is usable with regional tickets in this area. More info on that below. Trip duration: 54 mins including the branch line, 42 mins without it.

    IC 16/DB Fernverkehr/BR 147+5 DoStos
    From Leipzig HBF – Bremen HBF – Delmenhorst – Hude – Oldenburg HBFBad Zwischenahnonwards to Norddeich-Mole

    This service is one of the few that are operated by the newly purchased IC2 sets consisting of a BR 147 in white “Fernverkehr” livery and the 5th generation DoStos double-decker cars in the same colour scheme. This one also operates once in two hours per direction and creates a one-hour-tact together with the RE 1 between Bremen HBF and Norddeich-Mole. You may notice that this service stops a little more frequently than your usual InterCity train. This is a thing because it additionally acts as a regional train during the last portion of the journey. Since the IC2 set is not yet in the game and not proposed to be a part of this DLC, I recommend to add it as a loco DLC, since it would add services to some already existing routes. For more information, see “Loco-DLC”. Trip duration: 53 mins including the branch line, 33 mins without it.

    ICE 10, 22, 25/DB Fernverkehr/ICE 1, 2, 4
    From Berlin Gesundbrunnen/Stuttgart/München Bremen HBF – (Delmenhorst) – Oldenburg HBF
    Sometimes, the ICE services that go to Bremen HBF continue on to Oldenburg HBF, sometimes stopping at Delmenhorst on the way. Only a few times per day, an ICE is to be found at Oldenburg HBF, but in the game, it would offer some variety to the gameplay. Trip duration: no stop at Delmenhorst: 27 mins, stopping at Delmenhorst: 30 mins

    Rolling Stock

    ET 440

    This German electric multiple unit called Alstom Coradia Continental is part of the Coradia train family by Alstom Transportations. Production is ongoing since 2008, and 218 units have been delivered to this day. For this DLC, I suggest to ship it in the blue and yellow NordWestBahn livery, as it should take on the “Regio-S-Bahn” services RS 3 and RS 4. Still, DTG, please don’t forget to also make a DB red livery and layer it onto routes such as Munich-Augsburg. Similarly to the talent 2, there are multiple formation options and the ones that operate here are 3- and 5-part units. Top speed: 160 kph

    Service areas that are represented in TSW 2, in existing, planned and this suggested route(s):

    • RS 3 and RS 4 on Bremen – Wilhelmshaven (3- and 5-part units)
    • RE 8, RE 9 and RB/RE 89 between Munich and Augsburg
    • RB 79 between Aschaffenburg and Würzburg, RB 53 between Lohr/Gemünden and Würzburg, RB 58 in Aschaffenburg and Laufach and RB 75 in Aschaffenburg
    • Modified version in the S-Bahn Rhein-Ruhr on the S8 (Rhein-Ruhr-Osten, 3-part units)
    • RB 33 in Aachen on Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen as AI-trains (3- and 5-part units)
    • In Verkehrsverbund-Mittelsachsen livery on the RE 3, RB 30 and RB 45 in Dresden and Riesa (RH: Nahverkehr Dresden) and Leipzig (Rapid Transit) (3- and 5-part units)
    • RB 33 between Duisburg and Essen (Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    • S 8 on Rhein-Ruhr-Osten (in real-life, the 1440 with new front operate, but I don‘t think people will complain)
    ^ a 3 part unit of the ET 440 in NordWestBahn livery in Bad Zwischenahn.

    VT 648 LINT 41

    This German diesel multiple unit would be the first of its kind in TSW 2, built by Alstom, like the ET 440. It is a two-part-unit and it operates in lower-saxony in one to three unit formations. It there operates regional services on lines that aren’t electrified. Just like the ET 440, it can sub in on multiple other German routes and on this proposed route it would operate all the NordWestBahn RB and RE services, including the RE 19 that runs the entire length of the route. Same here, DTG, please don’t fail to create a DB red livery for this unit as well, as it can be found like that in Lübeck for example. With this foundation, it also might be easier to create the other trains of the LINT family which are part of some other suggestions on this forum. Top speed: 120 kph

    Service areas that are represented in TSW 2, in existing, planned and this suggested route(s):

    • RE 18, RE 19, RB 58, RB 59 on this route in NordWestBahn livery
    • RB 31 Duisburg – Xanten as AI train in Duisburg and RB 36 Duisburg – Oberhausen as AI train in Duisburg
    • Dieselnetz Augsburg (= non-electrified routes around Augsburg) as AI trains in Augsburg
    • Hamburg – Lübeck: AI trains in Hamburg (to Aumühle and Kiel) and Lübeck (to Kiel, Lüneburg, Neustadt, Puttgarden and Travemünde Strand
    ^ a VT 648 LINT 41 on its way to Wilhelmshaven

    Layering from existing German DLC

    RE 1 service
    This service is operated with a BR 146.2 locomotive which players get from Aschaffenburg-Gemünden and Riesa-Dresden and a mixture of low and high entry double decker coaches, all in DB red livery.

    InterCityExpress services
    A few rare times a day, an ICE goes from Bremen HBF to Oldenburg HBF, sometimes stopping at Delmenhorst on the way. These, as of now, could be operated by the ICE 3(M), and later, once they're added, ICE 1, 2 or 4 could replace them as they mainly operate on the mentioned lines.

    The BR 101 could operate some AI services in Bremen HBF, as well as the ICE 3 or an ICE 1/2 once it gets added.

    There are some smaller yards to be found along the line, in particular at Sande, a building site near Oldenburg, towards Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg HBF itself sees a lot of tank wagons and mixed freight, adding the possibility for some shunting services for the BR 363, Hude Bahnhof also has some shunting tracks, there is quite a big freight yard at Delmenhorst, between Bremen and Delmenhorst, there is also the Thyssenkrupp Plastics factory, a branch line of a few hundred metres, allowing for some extra shunting and freight operations and coming into Bremen, before having crossed the river Weser, there is another freight yard and then there is Bremen HBF, acting as a depot for regional trains in Lower-Saxony. I would suggest that mainly Main-Spessart-Bahn DLC layers onto this route, as, from what I can tell from Google Earth and personal experience, there are mostly car-hauling trains and tank cars (these especially at Oldenburg HBF), but DLC like Hamburg-Lübeck, Rhein-Ruhr-Osten or Ruhr-Sieg-Nord could also layer onto this route as it sees quite a lot of freight in general.

    Possible Loco-DLC

    DB Fernverkehr InterCity 2 by Bombardier
    For this route, I suggest creating the popularly requested InterCity 2 sets by Bombardier, operated by DB Fernverkehr. These sets consist of a BR 146.5/BR 147 (on this route, the 147 would be accurate and also a new addition to the fleet) and operate the InterCity service on this route. That’s not yet the end of the story though, it can fill in on InterCity services on the upcoming Riesa-Dresden route and the Hagen-Wuppertal route, as well as Duisburg-Bochum and AI trains in Hamburg, Köln and so on. Thus, this train would be a great addition to the collection, being popularly requested and a missing part in terms of German trains. Top speed: 160 kph
    ^ the BR 147 loco on a test ride

    ^ the cab car of the IC2 train formation

    Phew… that was a lot of text… congratulations if you managed to get to the end. If there are any localization mistakes or misunderstandings on my part, please let me know. If you agree with my suggestion, it would help if you left a like on this post. Thanks! As this was my first suggestion, please let me know if you can think of any improvements on layout etc. and, most importantly, let me know what you think of the suggestion.


    NordWestBahn rail net:

    Lower-Saxony rail net:

    ET 440:

    VT 648:

    improved readability of the introduction, added trip duration times to the services, added ICE layering to "layering from existing routes/loco-DLC", added line speeds and train top speeds, corrected the occasional stop at Delmenhorst by ICE services, more detail on freight soon...
    12/08/21: added information on freight
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    Really excellent idea you might need to consider Rhein-Ruhr Osten giving this route container freight trains oil trains BR185.5. Main Spessart Bahn Laaers 560s Steel wagons Habbiins Paper Roll Wagons DB BR185.2 Rallion for freight. Good punctuation so far.
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    Don't forget to add the S8 Service Layer for the 440 for RRO.
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    Oof I thought I‘d mentioned that… will be sure to add.
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    Also the Regio S-Bahn Version of the 440 doesn't really fit on HRR nor on RRO because of the Headform.
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    Yes, the units that operate there are the 1440 with the redesigned front. I tried to edit the original post but I‘m currently unable to. I do not think anyone would bother though, I think the value of variety is greater than the slight inaccuracy.
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