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Northern Trans-pennine Second Generation Dmu Pack

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NorthRail1, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. NorthRail1

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    Dec 8, 2016
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    Pacers and Sprinters for Northern Trans-Pennine
    The Northern Trans-Pennine route is set in 1983, a few years before the introduction of second generation Diesel Multiple Units of the Pacer and Sprinter families. This would make this route suitable for these DMUs to be added in their earliest liveries as the route would not be too different a few years later.

    BR Class 142 'Pacer'

    BR Class 142 'Pacer' in BR Provincial livery at Preston station in 1988
    The Class 142 'Pacer' was introduced in 1985. Based on the Leyland National bus, these DMUs were designed to be an economical solution to the problem of aging first generation DMUs. The suitable livery for Northern Trans-Pennine would be the British Rail Provincial livery as shown in the above image. This DMU, like the others in this suggestion could be swapped in on BR Class 101 services as these replaced them.

    BR Class 141 'Pacer'

    BR Class 141 in West Yorkshire PTE Verona Green and Buttermilk livery at Huddersfield station in 1984, which is featured in the Northern Trans-Pennine route
    The Class 141 'Pacer' was a prototype for the Pacer family. Also based on the Leyland National bus, 20 of these DMUs were built and were operated on routes around Leeds including services to Huddersfield from 1984. Some examples of this prototype DMU are preserved, which could allow for easier access for Dovetail Games.

    BR Class 150 'Sprinter'

    A BR Class 150 in BR Sprinter livery at Preston station in 1988
    Like the Pacers, the Sprinters were also designed to replace the ageing first generation DMUs such as the Class 101. The Class 150 was the first DMU in the Sprinter family produced, starting service in 1984. Adding both Sprinter and Pacer trains for the Northern Trans-Pennine route would greatly increase variety along the route.

    The Northern Trans-Pennine route is a good opportunity for Dovetail Games to create second generation DMUs for Train Sim World in a variety of early liveries. There is also the opportunity to create DMUs which were not featured in TS1 such as the Class 141 and Class 142.
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  2. DominusEdwardius

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    Dec 8, 2016
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    While I will give you the 141, which the prototypes emerged on trials towards the end of 1983 although they were pretty much only ever limited to the Huddersfield/Leeds side. The sprinters weren't seen on the line till 1987 if I recall (heck the 150 wasn't really produced till 1985/6, the two prototypes emerged in 1984 but not the production ones). The 142 I think was 1985 introduced but I don't think again they were used on the line till much later. There was also the prototype 140 which appeared in 1980, but that was a one off.

    I think it personally would just look odd really amongst the older BR stock with the route and almost ruin the routes atmosphere, especially with many of the liveries not matching the stock on the route. If there was a separate later year timetable sure, but not changing into the current one at any rate.
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