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Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by thomastl59374, Oct 22, 2021.

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    Aug 24, 2020
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    Can't remember if I played this scenario in TSW2020 but if I did I don't remember waiting around at Leeds for over 15mins for a red signal to clear. There is a 101 that has the green aspect but even after completing its passenger loading, it doesn't move so then I can't move. When contact the signaller they tell me to wait for the signal to change green. Tried this scenario for the 3rd time and still having this same issue (Xbox one).
    I followed all the instructions without doing anything else, all I did was go into the free camera so see what the 101 was doing.
  2. paulc

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    Feb 24, 2021
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    Go over to the 101, release it's brakes & throw the throttle wide open & jump out :)
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    Dec 17, 2020
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    On PC, the same problem.
    And other trains cannot be controlled in this mission. The aforementioned Class 101 has loaded passengers and is ready for departure, but its engines are muffled and it is impossible to start them in any way. Moreover, at the very beginning of the assignment, a Class 40 cargo tank with tanks departs from the adjacent track, but then stops at the end of the platform in front of a red traffic light, although in fact it should leave. His engines are running, but control of traction and brakes is also unavailable, and the Engine Stopped indicator on the panel is on. Those. the job definitely broke after some updates.
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    Have exactly the same problem on Series X. I wait for goods train to go through at start... then 5 mins or so later an express train comes through... but no changes at all to the signal even though line is clear.

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