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Off The Rails

Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by friskey.marcedes, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. friskey.marcedes

    friskey.marcedes Member

    May 27, 2020
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    Having watched the Bakerloo line I felt a bit let down like a kid hoping for a new train set but getting the little plastic set which goes around in a circle.
    I was looking forward to see some major improvements such as between the original game and last years (only 11 months ago) game. The new menu looked worse, some new flags but not much else. The traction control didnt seem much better than the current traction control challenges. The tunnels seemed as dark as always. The passengers...?!
    Of course I will be buying the new game but its like being an addict and your dealer has hyped up his new batch as offering a wonderful new buzz but doesnt do much more than the old one.
    I am not really interested in livery designer but more about increasing challenges such as safety systems, braking efficiency, keeping up with timetables, etc. Was hoping that the medal system would get an upgrade but looks too easy to get gold as before, and hoped that a new diamond level would be above gold not just your highest score.
    The only positive I can see is Scenario Planner which will offer a challenge compared with timetable runs, but will there be rewards to match the effort or will it be more too easy goldm medals.
    I enjoy the game and am nearly at level 500 but like every addict I want more bang for my buck and not sure my trusted dealer DTG will be hitting the spot...
    Really hope I am wrong but as usual nothing to get excited about for ages in terms of new games and then 3 trains come along at once, TSW2, PGA2k, and Madden all released next week. Which one will give me the high I am looking for?

    [minor edit by Protagonist - the metaphor has gone quite far enough]
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  2. Paulo_1997

    Paulo_1997 Active Member

    Mar 13, 2020
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    I start to worry about you man...
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  3. russianchip

    russianchip Member

    Sep 21, 2017
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    Bakerloo is the only part of TSW2 I would like, the other two I’ve no interest in. Was really hoping for a look at console gaming rather than PC. It was clear that Matt wasn’t expecting passengers on top of passengers or the screen tearing, however Sam did to try get him to acknowledge it rather than ignoring it (I like Sam and his approach and making people accountable and getting answers).

    Personally I like the line and it’s a great start with London Underground, personal opinion I’d like more “clickety clack” to compliment the squeal around curves.

    Your last question, don’t do drugs, there’s only one sort of line you need and that’s railway!
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  4. jacobfiremanz

    jacobfiremanz Member

    Sep 10, 2019
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    Like you I warned up to the idea of the London underground albeit quite late and seeing the live gameplay has given me mixed feelings about it and yes I get it was tough to make but you are right ( in my opinion) it leaves something to be sought-after. It almost feels second to the German and American routes which I (not really liking foreign routes because of the signalling) feel better and more vibrant in nature to the Bakerloo line and the lighting of the tunnels is wrong it's almost like it's an inescapable void. When you look at the stations side to side, real life and in game, they are almost indistinguishable. But the tunnels look like a black hole where no light can escape. It will hopefully be fixed in the final version but I don't have high hopes. Don't get me wrong in saying it's terrible it just needs to be polished. I'll still play it and enjoy it but it's a bit rough at the moment and I do like the concept it just seems second class to the other routes.
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  5. Knightfire1964

    Knightfire1964 Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2018
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    i think with the allot of talk about the lighting in the tunnels i'm not surprised if its being looked at by the team with many people unhappy about it
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  6. Tay95

    Tay95 Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2018
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    Stay on the right track mate ;)

    +1 on more clickers clack. Other than that, I'm fairly pleased with it.
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  7. WVUadam

    WVUadam Active Member

    Oct 7, 2018
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    How do you spawn in earlier to see a train depart and then start your journey.

    Because you can't seem to do it. Trying it out on ECW.

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