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Online Tournaments Vs Offline Fishing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeeDub438, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. GeeDub438

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    Nov 26, 2019
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    Whilst it is sometimes good to practice offline, before you enter the Online Tournaments it is well worth bearing in mind that the two very different types of fishing are exactly that.

    By that I mean you can visit a Lake offline, work out which bait or lure works and then take that setup to an online Tournament. Seems reasonable don’t you think? Think again, you will get to the online Tournament and the bait/lure that worked offline will only catch you an old boot or a shopping trolley, or both!

    There is no shortcut to success, only trial and error. It would also help you if you write a log of what works on various lakes at the different times, different weather conditions and where appropriatel, water temperature.

    This last one being a serious bone of contention with DTG due to the fact that water temperature is not standard across the board for players which makes it an unlevel playing field for everyone.

    All I can say is don’t be afraid of online Tournaments, they spice up the game and are great fun.
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