Dovetail Games Patch Addressing Map Randomisation & 5 - 6 Player Update

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    Apr 17, 2023
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    Hello fellow Catanians,

    We are very happy to announce that a fix for the missing map randomisation feature has been found and released. This patch will also introduce a slew of other changes and the 5-6 player mode, which will be available for free for all users.

    Please allow up to 24 hours for this patch to arrive on your consoles.

    A note for all players on Nintendo Switch: The 5-6 player mode will only be available while your console is in docked mode.

    We would like to apologize again for the time it took to fix this issue and are thankful for your understanding and continued support.

    • It is now possible for 5 to 6 players to join the same game.
    • 5 new playable characters have been added, namely The Shepherd, Farmer, Ore Miner, Brick Maker, and Woodsman!
    • The credits list has been updated.
    • The ‘Defender of Catan’ reward images have been updated.
    • The images for base game characters on Nintedo Switch will now be less blurry.
    • The ‘AddUser’ option in online games on Xbox consoles has been disabled.
    • The handling of network loss whilst in the main menu has been improved.

    • The game board will now be randomised between sessions, as intended.
    • All valid settlement locations will now be selectable after previously playing a game with Cities & Knights enabled in the same session.
    • The Barbarians will now no longer be active at the start of a game, when starting a new game after quitting the previous session during the Barbarian attack phase.
    • The ‘Waiting For Player’ action prompt scroll will now no longer appear and disappear whilst rejoining an online game.
    • Players will now no longer get stuck after being invited to another game, while being in a game lobby.
    • The game config window will now close as expected after accepting an invite to a game.
    • Players will now be able to choose which knights to defend with during Cities & Knights ‘Nasty Mode’ as intended.
    • AI players are no longer able to place settlements on knights.
    • Various spelling and grammatical errors in the localisation text have been fixed.
    • Various issues while joining a public game from the menu have been fixed.
    • Loading into a saved game shortly after starting a game now works as intended.
    • Helper cards will now be displayed correctly, after quitting and reloading while being asked to flip or exchange the Helper card.
    • The Ryan Helper card will now be displayed as intended.
    • Trade logs will now no longer be incorrectly displayed and stuck on the screen after leaving and re-joining a game while the trade dialogue is visible.
    • The account information of previously logged in users on Xbox consoles will now no longer be displayed while setting up an online game.
    • Setting up a new online game will now work as intended for Xbox users that signed out whilst suspended.
    • The settings pages will now update as intended after changing users on Xbox consoles.
    • Users on local multiplayer games will now be remapped as intended when loading a game on Nintendo Switch consoles.
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