Fishing Sim World Please Fix The Main Issues Of Your Game.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Support' started by Patpat3131, Aug 6, 2019.

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    1. Reeling speed 5 is TOO FAST....
    Slow it down please as we already have the option to just "reset" the cast. makes speed 5 redundant as the rest is faster.

    2. Bass fishing is still broken...(Bass should not be peeling the line out every 15secs for a 3-5min fight....that's not realistic) as mentioned by MANY, the fights are to long and unrealistic.
    Some bass of mass sizes will pull the line out, not a 2-4lb smallmouth will fight the same as a 13lb or 17lb marshal...each fight needs to be more or less difficult pertaining to the size of fish hooked.

    3. 20 minutes for a tournament is not enough time in a bass tourny
    each fight is between 3-5minutes. that's only an avg 3-4 fish for that period...that's not even enough time to get a 5 limit on AVG...

    4. When reeling,the green circle ALWAYS stays green when you a reeling "CONSTANTLY"
    Inst the purpose of that icon is to see if your doing the correct action and indicating your in the strike zone? i NEVER get constant red/yellow on any lure used for reeling in CONSTANTLY so it kind of defeats the purpose of that system.

    5. FPS is still locked at 30 on PC? why?
    At least give an option for those with better computers to unlock it to 60+

    6. When Free fishing, fish are caught by the masses but in tournaments they are VERY scarce, How come? Still not understanding why free fishing gets more fish than tourny.

    7. Buying new items such as line does not or doesn't seem to anyway help the process of fighting a fish, Nor does buying a new reel or rod.
    No stats or explanation of why certain rods lures and lines are priced differently. Prices are just.."there" as a fake goal to each in regards of buying everything in store when none of them have ANY effect.

    Have noticed the AI in career mode isn't every great. Their weight goes up automatically based on that time frame. So in the first 15-30 secs they can have 1-3lbs but they will only get up to a maximum amount based on that time frame. usually they don't catch anymore in the last 1-2 minutes.

    UPDATE: After experimenting and researching about catching fish, i have come to the conclusion that the bite frequency lowered was needed. Can hook a fish every 15-20secs with the right combination of lure, color, weather, structure, time of day.


    Please for the love of god fix the bass fighting mechanic. Lost 5 tournaments and alot of good fish by this cheap system.

    A bass fight should NOT be lasting 4-6minutes and the Drag system is absolute garbage. To Low or Much AT THE END OF THE FIGHT will cause you to lose your fish.. i can yank on that rod as hard as i want for the first 1min and keep yanking the fish to the boat...but as asoon as the fish keeps peeling out, the drag system no longer works after 2-4minutes. Once you start actually reeling the fish in, its almost as the DRAG IS BROKEN...causing the tension to either be TOO TIGHT or TOO LOOSE...which of course... why would this happen after ONLY 2-4minutes of the fight...??? The drag SHOULDN'T CHANGE based off of time...ONLY by weight of that fish.

    Please change the Drag system and the bass fighting system as it's a complete joke together.

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