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Possible Additional Emu In Tsw2 Or As Additional Dlc?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SHINO BAZ, Jul 15, 2020.


    SHINO BAZ Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2019
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    Just saw a tsw youtuber channel talking about what maybe a additional emu that will be in the tsw2 german route,or it might be a upcomning dlc train addon for the new german route,news story wasn't sure what the full details where yet.O and what this suspected new train gonnabe,the db br 423 emu.( I just double checked his news update odds point to the db br 423 emu being in the new route more then being a dlc addon.)

    I want to credit Spursreading 96 for this news update.He always is on top of the newest train sim world news.

    Update if goto youtube and type in(Train sim world news: Db br 423 comning to the new)
    You should see in Spursreading 96 video starting at 1:57 in his video a train inside seating area while a ice 3m passes by it's window,this doesn't appear to be the talent 442's insides it not the same it's something else,could this be a db br 423?

    I have been looking on youtube for what the real version on the inside of a db br 423 really looks like and the tsw2 and real version match perfectly,so there really seems to be a 3rd train thats gonnabe in the new tsw2 german route.I wonder when mat will confirm it.
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