Problems With My Scenario On Ts 2022 Hudson Line

Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by wildh0rse, Apr 19, 2022.

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    Apr 17, 2022
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    Hi all, I wonder if any of you remember me from the MSTS days, I had the same username :)

    I got TS 2022 to use the route editor and make my own scenarios and routes. In particular, I liked the Hudson Line because living right next to it (hear the horns as I type) I can say that its very faithful to real life. Ok, so they put a church where my house is, no big deal.

    My scenario is driving the Amtrak Diesel into Penn Track 8. It looks so good I want to publish it. But theres a glitch I cant solve. Mind you I havent gotten re started with route building, just the scenario editor for now. What happens is I get to a certain point and I'm stopped by a red signal. Tried eliminating ALL the Ai trafiic, same thing. In the scenario editor there is a one-way marker on two tracks. I have tried using wayoints, asking to request pass signal at danger, but the only way i got past it was by crawling through the red signals at 3 mph to a certain poiint where I get a Restricted speed and I can proceed into Penn. It happens just south of the Ludlow station.

    I used the actaul Metro North scheds to build this scenario, it was a lot of work and looks GREAT until this happens. How can I make that marker bidirectional? Im talking about the double green arrows. Can someone help? Not a noob by far here, but ive been doing other stuff since 2005 lol, havent kept up with TS community....

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