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    The Island Line railway on the Isle of Wight operates between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin. The line has 8 stations, and is 8.5 miles long. The Ryde tunnel is 391 yards long with raised track that makes it impossible to use traditional rolling stock.

    Current Rolling Stock:
    Class 483 Electric Multiple Units. These are 1938 London Underground tube stock. Refurbished between 1989 and 1992, this stock is over 80 years old, making it the oldest type in Great Britain to be in regular service. Seen here in Island Line and Dinosaur liveries

    Stations and Depots:
    Ryde Pier Head (Ferries to Portsmouth)
    Ryde Esplande
    Ryde St John's Road
    (Ryde Depot)
    Smallbrook Junction (Isle of Wight Steam Railway)

    There are around 32 trains per day, with a journey time of around 25 minutes.

    Why this route?
    The rolling stock. The London Underground is probably too big for TSW to do it justice. This little route would give us the chance to drive some old underground trains, in a modern setting.
    The majority of the stations opened between 1864 and 1880, but Lake opened in1987 and Smallbrook Junction in 1991.

    Why not this route?
    It's a bit small. Probably too small to charge £20 for.
    No Freight.
    No option to sell additional rolling stock packages

    I think it could be quite a giggle as a cheap add on. I'd love to try a tube train, and this gives us the chance to do so, but still have a manageable route and interesting scenery.
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    I would like this a lot, I for one have used this in real life and even remember the stock before the current 38!! Used to amaze me that you had to step down in to the train from the platform!!! And I love the Whistles they have on the front of the cab!
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    I have the TS route (which includes the steam railway) and rather enjoy it. You're not the first person to suggest it for TSW. My contribution to that thread was to suggest modelling the whole Isle of Wight network as it was before Dr. Beeching's recommendations were acted upon which would add variety including freight operation. To be authentic though it would need steam.
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    It looks like they have run Diesel Gala's on the IOW Steam Railway. Perhaps Island Line and Diesel Gala would be a good compromise (and offer shunting and freight options).
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    I think it would be cool if the TSW version included both the class 483 and 484

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