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    I would love to know whether the "WEST ANGLIA MAIN LINE" from London Liverpool street to Ely/Cambridge North (with the loop line alongside the Enfield Town, temple mills via lea bridge, hertford east and stansted airport branches) will ever be made for Train Simulator 2018 ?

    In addition to the above the potential west Anglia mainline route could include the short line from Liverpool street to stratford before using the temple mills branch (via the new lea bridge road station) to rejoin the west Anglia line just south of Tottenham hale station. To make this route even better, this route could include the cheshunt loop line via seven sisters and the short branch to Enfield town. the cheshunt loop line diverges at Hackney downs and then rejoins the west Anglia mainline at Cheshunt. This would be good for potential London Overground scenarios or greater Anglia scenarios(the former operators of the lea valley lines) from Liverpool street to Enfield town / cheshunt via seven sisters (with a class 315 or class 317). in addition to all of this, the potential west Anglia mainline route could include the Hertford East branch line and the stansted airport branch line. The amount of scenario possibilities on this potential west Anglia mainline route would be endless. For instance it could include real life routes such as:

    Stratford to Bishop's Stortford via the new lea bridge station (With an Abellio Greater Anglia (AGA) Class 317)

    London Liverpool street to Stansted Airport (stansted express) with an AGA class 379

    London Liverpool street to Hertford East via hackney downs and Tottenham hale with an AGA class 317

    London Liverpool street to Hertford East via seven sisters with an AGA class 317

    London Liverpool street to Cambridge (fast service) via Tottenham Hale, Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Harlow Town , Bishop's Stortford, Audley End and Whittlesford Parkway with an AGA class 317 or class 379

    London Liverpool Street to Cambridge North (stopping service) via Tottenham Hale, Cheshunt, Broxborune, Roydon, Harlow Town, Harlow Mill, Sawbridgeworth, Bishops Stortford, Stansted Mountfitchet, Elsenham, Newport, Audley End, Great Chesterford, Whittlesford Parkway, Shelford, Cambridge and Cambridge North (with an AGA class 317)

    Cambridge to Stansted Airport with an AGA class 317 or class 379 or cross country class 170

    Bishop's Stortford to London Liverpool street (stopping service) via new lea bridge station with an AGA class 317

    Stratford to Northumberland Park ( Football special - Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United ) with a specially chartered AGA class 317

    Empty Coach stock movements with an AGA class 317 or class 379 on any part of the west Anglia mainline

    Plenty of Freight scenarios with various locos ( such as a class 66, class 70 etc) also.

    London Liverpool street to Enfield town or Cheshunt via seven sisters (all stops service) with a London overground class 315 (currently being made by waggonz) or a LO class 317 / LO class 378 west angila main line proposal.png

    With both London Liverpool street and Stratford both already in train simulator as well as a small segment of both the West Anglia mainline (only up to Cambridge heath) and the temple mils branch line (going towards the new lea bridge station) from the previously made Great Eastern mainline for train simulator, the assets used for this can potentially be recycled and modified upon to form the West Anglia mainline (including the cheshunt loop line via seven sisters with the short Enfield town branch and the temple mills branch from stratford to rejoin the West Anglia mainline just south of Tottenham Hale. Furthermore the West Anglia mainline from London Liverpool street to Cambridge North/Ely is roughly around 80 miles long which I feel is a perfectly sized route for one of the most crucial lines for passengers heading to and from London. We already have the Great eastern mainline from London Liverpool street to Ipswich so I feel it would be fitting for train simulator to have the West Anglia mainline.

    Finally to conclude, we are yet to see Cambridge station on train simulator. Cambridge is one of the main and biggest stations outside of London in regards of the "east" of England with only Norwich and potentially Colchester and Ipswich coming close to matching the size of Cambridge Station. It is also the home to one of the world's most elite universities) Other notable stops of interest include Northumberland Park which is a 5 minute walk to and from Tottenham Hotspur FC. Lastly there is also Stansted Airport which is one of the main Airports within the Greater London region.

    I reckon if the west Anglia mainline was brought to train simulator, this route would never grow old due the the lovely scenery that comes with this route as well as the amount of different types and styles of scenarios that can be made for this route ( as I explained above in detail). Furthermore I reckon this route would have the potential to be the best selling and most loved route package ever made for train simulator.

    As breiefly explained above the default stock for the west angila mainline could include an AGA class 317 , class 379 and a freight loco such as a class 66)

    What does everyone else think of my idea ??
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    I agree this route has been completely ignored for so long they could do the modern era or the WAGN era with the class 315, class 317 and Class 322.
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    Great Suggestion,I certainly support the idea

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