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Proposed Railway Line Hanover Hbf - Minden (westphalia) - Bielefeld Hbf

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by BR430, May 13, 2020.

  1. BR430

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    Hello DTG team,

    Another idea for the train simulator of a railway line is Hanover HBF - Minden (Westphalia). A route extension would also be like that of the Riedbahn from Mannheim-Frankfurt. This route leads from Hanover main station via Wunstorf, Haste, Stadthagen, Bückeburg, Minden (Westf), Porta Westfalica, Bad Oeynhausen, Löhne (Westf), Herford, Bielefeld Hbf. The journey takes approx. 73 minutes and is to Minden (Westphalia) with around 64.4 km long and up to Bielefeld 109.5 km long.

    I would be very happy if this route created the Train SImulator 2020 or 21.

    Kind regards


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