Queensbury Triangle For Ts20xx?

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Would you want to see the Queensbury triangle in Train Simulator?

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    (Below) LNER J50 68959 with a goods train at Queensbury
    (Below) A WD 2-8-0 crosses the might Thornton viaduct
    (Below) The map of the Alpine lines - ignore the thin black line, that is what is now the Airedale line https://forums.dovetailgames.com/th...-simulator-or-extended-settle-carlisle.18779/
    This route was created for MSTS by a man called Roger North. I can’t lie, but it was a good route. I think now with TSXX’s detail it could be made. Also, there are two current trails the public are allowed to access. The trail over Thornton Viaduct and the trail over Hewenden Viaduct. I can’t count how many times I have walked over Hewenden Viaduct (Great Northern Rail Trail).

    The line branched off outside of Keighley - which is now the KWVR - on a straight now nicknamed ‘Great Northern Straight’. It is called this because this is where the GNR branched off from the MR. The first stop was Ingrow East so-called because of the station Ingrow West on the KWVR now. After that the line went through Lees moor tunnel and right after that into Cullingworth station. A viaduct was built to cross right on top of the village. It then went past a quarry (now a new housing estate) and the line went onto the quarry. After that, the line went over Hewenden viaduct through Wilsden then Denholme station next Thornton station (now Thornton primary school). At Queensbury it was a triangle. One line went to Halifax, the other line went into Bradford. There were two tunnels at Queensbury. One tunnel a company want to open up for a cycle route. And the other is now bricked up.

    The locos.

    lots of locos would be seen on the Queensbury triangle aka The Alpine lines (so-called because of how steep it was) you could get:
    WD 2-8-0s
    Ivatt 4 ‘Flying Pigs’
    LNER J50 tank engine
    Once a class 20 - testing diesel fumes in tunnels
    LNER N1 tank engine
    LNER A3 - testing German style smoke deflectors in the tunnels
    Ivatt 2mt
    LMS 8F

    5 of these locos are in TS so really, it wouldn’t be that hard to pull off.
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