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Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by tayibetom, Apr 12, 2022.

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    Apr 12, 2022
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    Hi all, I've watched Matt's tutorial numerous times now from back when and I am trying to set up a quickdrive on ATS east coast Leeds-york as there's no AI showing normally.

    When in the editor of a new quickdrive I set down the AI spawn point and open the window. Add OH and then click window 2 at the bottom where you should be able to select consist type and the probability of it showing but it will not change from tab 1.

    I have used Tstools to assign the consists to the route to be available. I've managed to place a static consist swapn point which works and the player spawn point but no AI due to this issue accessing tab 2.

    Any ideas where I'm going wrong? I'm pulling my hair out trying to find solutions online but cannot find anything.


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