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Rank The Routes/loco Add-ons From Worst To Best

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by WonterRail, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. WonterRail

    WonterRail Well-Known Member

    Aug 4, 2018
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    I wasn't quite sure where this would fit among the forum but I decided that this would be the best place for a thread like this.

    But anyways, as the title suggests, this is a place for people to rank the best and worst of Train Sim World in terms of the routes and loco add-ons that have come out over the last four years spanning two games and also a place to rank the upcoming add-ons listed on the roadmap from most anticipated to least anticipated.

    How it will work is that is that you will rank four lists which will cover four aspects of the game and what I want you to do is rank them from worst at the bottom to best at the top. These aspects include:

    The Routes:
    This includes all 20 routes that have come out over the last 4 years, including NEC: New York and if you had the chance to, both variations of Sand Patch Grade in TSW & TSW2

    Loco Add-ons:
    Just like above, this includes the 15 loco add-ons that we have received including the GP40-2 & the SW1000R

    Even if you haven't got all the routes/loco add-ons, that's fine. You will only be asked to rank the routes/loco add-ons that you have personally got/played and if you also want to give a score out of 10 or give a grade next to each route, I will also be perfectly fine with that.

    Upcoming Routes & Loco Add-ons:
    Since we are at the end of 2020 and with the last add-on of the year just being released, I though we would also use this thread to rank the upcoming add-ons listed on the roadmap hopefully coming in 2021 from most anticipated at the top to least anticipated at the bottom.

    This will work in similar vain to the add-ons that are already out in which there will be two list for each, one for the 5 routes currently in production and another for 7 loco add-ons also in production plus the Great Western 1970s pack that is currently in planning.

    All four of these lists can be updated when new add-ons come out or when upcoming add-ons get added to the roadmap.

    Now to give you an idea on how this will work, I now rank my personal favourite routes/loco add-ons from worst to best and the upcoming routes/loco add-ons from most anticipated to least anticipated. This should hopefully be a guide on how this thread will work, but without further ado here are my lists.

    My Ranking (As of 18/5/2021):

    Routes (Best to Worst):

    Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg (-)
    2. Great Western Express (-)
    3. Main Spessart Bahn (-)
    4. Northern Trans-Pennine (-)
    5. Peninsula Corridor (-)
    6. Ruhr-Sieg Nord (-)
    7. Sand Patch Grade (TSW2) (-)
    8. Tees Valley Line (-)
    9. East Coastway (-)
    10. Southeastern High Speed (+New)
    11. Rhein-Ruhr Osten (-1)
    12. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr (+2)
    13. Clinchfield Railroad (+New)
    14. LGV Méditerranée (-3)
    15. Schnellfahrstrecke Köln – Aachen (-3)
    16. Bakerloo Line
    17. Long Island Rail Road (-2)
    18. Rapid Transit (TSW2) (+New)
    19. Sand Patch Grade (TSW) (-2)
    20. Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck (+New)
    21. West Somerset Railway (-3)
    22. Canadian National Oakville Subdivision (-3)
    23. Arosalinie (+New)
    24. Rapid Transit (TSW) (-4)
    25. Isle Of Wight (-4)
    26. Northeast Corridor New York (-4)

    Loco Add-Ons (Best to Worst):

    BR Heavy Freight Pack (-)
    2. DB BR 363 (-)
    3. Caltrain MP15DC Diesel Switcher* (-)
    =. Caltrain MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet'* (-)
    5. DB BR 101 (+New)
    6. DB BR 182 (-1)
    7. Southeastern BR Class 465 EMU (+New)
    8. BR Class 31* (-2)
    =. BR Class 20 'Chopper'* (-2)
    10. Diesel Legends of the Great Western (+New)
    11. CSX C40-8W (-3)
    12. DB BR 155 (-3)
    13. BR Class 52 'Western'* (-3)
    =. BR Class 33* (-3)
    15. DB BR 204 (-3)
    16. CSX GP40-2 (-3)
    17. LIRR M3 EMU (-3)
    18. Amtrak SW1000R (-3)


    Upcoming Routes (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated):

    1. Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence (+New)
    2. Brighton Main Line (+New)
    3. Bahnstrecke Riesa – Dresden (+New)
    4. Glasgow Cathcart Circle (+New)
    5. West Cornwall Local (+New)
    6. Cane Creek (-1)

    Upcoming Loco Add-Ons (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated):

    1. DB BR 232 (+1)
    2. BR Class 313 EMU (+1)
    3. DB BR 187 (+5)
    4. Vossloh G6 (+1)
    5. DB BR 420 (+1)
    6. Standard 1938 Tube Stock (+New)

    This is been a long thread, but hopefully you've got a good idea on how this will work. This should hopefully be a fun thread and I look forward to see what you personally think are the best & worst routes/loco add-ons of TSW/TSW2.
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  2. stujoy

    stujoy Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2019
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    Okay, here is my current list based on my experience over the last 15 months of TSW-ing... criteria being a mix of how enjoyable the route is to drive, how well it’s made and how interesting the content (yards, trains, services and scenarios etc.) is to me. East Coastway is so low in my list because it is the dullest route with the dullest train, even though it is well made. LIRR is dull, repetitive and badly made, even though the M7 is a good train. SPG is well made, has some of the best trains, and is really enjoyable, which is why it is at the top, and much to my surprise quickly became my favourite route.

    Routes (Best to Worst)
    1. Sand Patch Grade (TSW2)
    2. Ruhr-Sieg Nord
    3. Northern Trans-Pennine
    4. Tees Valley Line
    5. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    6. Isle Of Wight
    7. Great Western Express
    8. Peninsula Corridor
    9. Rhein-Ruhr Osten
    10. Main Spessart Bahn
    11. Bakerloo Line
    12. Schnellfahrstrecke Köln – Aachen
    13. Canadian National Oakville Subdivision
    14. East Coastway
    15. West Somerset Railway
    16. Rapid Transit
    17. Long Island Rail Road
    18. Northeast Corridor New York

    Don’t own the following...

    Sand Patch Grade (TSW) - N/A (PS4 player)
    Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg
    LGV Méditerranée

    Loco Add-Ons (Best to Worst)
    1. DB BR 155
    2. BR Heavy Freight Pack
    3. BR Class 31
    4. Caltrain MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet'
    5. CSX C40-8W
    6. BR Class 33
    7. Caltrain MP15DC Diesel Switcher
    8. BR Class 52 'Western'
    9. DB BR 182
    10. BR Class 20 “Chopper”
    Don’t own the following...

    CSX GP40-2
    DB BR 363
    DB BR 204
    Amtrak SW1000R

    Upcoming Routes (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated)

    Arosa Line
    Cane Creek
    Clinchfield Railroad
    Southeastern High Speed
    Hamburg – Lübeck

    Upcoming Loco Add-Ons (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated)

    Great Western 1970's

    Not really fussed about any of these yet...

    DB BR 101
    DB BR 232
    BR Class 313 EMU
    Vossloh G6
    DB BR 420
    BR Class 465 EMU
    DB BR 187

    WonterRail Thanks for making this thread. Just a note about your numbering. When you have two routes that are equal 3rd the next one after them would be 5th, not 4th.
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  3. WonterRail

    WonterRail Well-Known Member

    Aug 4, 2018
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    Thanks for the feedback on that, just edited it right now. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more lists soon.
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  4. FD1003

    FD1003 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2019
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    Here is my list, first of all I want to say that this is completely personal, and doesn't want to be an objective list, but I want to give you a justification for my reasoning , so I will firstly put here what I consider important on a route:

    1 - Train Driving and gameplay
    2 - Close sorroundings and "correct localisation"
    3 - medium speed with a good amount of stations (120/160 km/h ~ 80/100mph)
    4 - ambientation (landscape/ambientation)
    5 - variety and amount of traffic/adverse signals
    6 - modern

    So now that you know the bias on this list I can rank my routes from worse to best, assuming you have all available layers for each route.

    20 - West Somerset Railway
    19 - Sand Patch Grade
    18 - CN Oakville Sub
    17 - NTP
    16 - Tees Valley
    15 - GWE
    14 - NEC
    13 - Peninsula Corridor
    12 - BKL
    11 - LIRR
    10 - Rapid Transit (w/BR182)
    9 -- LGV Méd
    8 -- IoW
    7 -- Rhein Ruhr Osten
    6 -- East Coasway (IF they fix the 377's brakes)
    5 -- SKA
    4 -- HMA (IF you have all the layers)
    3 -- Main Spessart Bahn
    2 -- HRR -n.1 for pax
    = -- RSN (IF you have the BR363) -n.1 for freight

    I do not own/never tried them
    Had it for ~2 months with Game Pass on TSW2020

    Since I own much less locos I will only rank what I own/want to own from worst to best

    -Baby Bullet
    -Dash 8
    -BR363 and BR204
    (should have more services!)

    In my wishlist waiting for a discount

    About upcoming content from best to worse:

    -SE HS
    -Class 313
    -DB BR 420 (IF we can use it outside HMA)
    -DB BR 101 (IF it can be used on various german routes)
    -Ham/Lub - (IF the new 112 will be a substitution for the old 146/143 and the new 182 will be a substituion for the old 182 and the BR101's IC services)
    -DB G6 (IF it is a substituion for the 204 and 363 or gives us access to the Everlingsen Power Station)
    -Ludmilla (IF it can substitute all present freights and/or adds new services to various german routes)

    -Arosa Line
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  5. Northerner

    Northerner Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2020
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    Great idea for a thread. From what I currently own, here's my list:
    Routes (Best to Worst)
    1. East Coastway
    2. Northern Transpennine
    3. Tees Valley Line
    4. Isle of Wight
    5. Great Western Express
    6. Bakerloo Line
    7. West Somerset Railway
    ECW is my favourite by far, as it has an excellent timetable which makes the route feel alive with plenty of AI services and the route as a whole is also very well built. I do own SKA, MSB, LLR and SPG as well but rarely play them so I do not have enough experience to judge them.

    Upcoming Routes (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated)
    1. South Eastern High Speed
    2. Arosa Line
    3. Hamburg - Lubeck
    4. Clinchfield Railroad
    5. Cane Creek
    Upcoming Loco Add-Ons (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated)
    1. Class 313
    2. Class 465
    3. 1970s Western Region pack
    I can't really rate the other upcoming rolling stock as I don't know enough about them yet.
    You can probably see from these lists that I'm mostly interested in British DLC, but I am looking forward to seeing how the Arosa Line turns out and possibly purchasing it.
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  6. skyMutt

    skyMutt Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2019
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    Heh, I'll join in for fun! :)

    1. Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen

    - High speed ICE services
    - Utilizes plenty of trains from other routes
    - Great sounds (particularly regarding the Talent 2 and the ICE 3)
    2. East Coastway
    - The BR Class 377 is incredibly fun to drive and is one of my favorite EMU's! Great sounds, especially going over neutral sections! Its also got variable adhesion. Has tons of controls to mess around with too!
    - A decent variety of services, including depot and ECS runs. Has short and longer services.
    - Despite the lighting, this route has some incredible scenery that feels appropriate for the setting
    - With upcoming BR Class 313, and PIS upgrades, ECW could possibly the most feature packed route in TSW, having nearly all the bells and whistles one could want.
    3. Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg
    - Could EASILY be in first place, if only there were performance improvements and layers added back on consoles
    - The base route comes with a plethora of services (330+!), offering a ton of variety. You can go on S-Bahn services, RE services, or even ICE services, along with some freight!
    - BR 423 and BR 403 ICE 3 have great sounds
    - Good scenery
    4. Great Western Express
    - A TSW classic! There's plenty to explore on this route, with a healthy amount of services too
    - Comes with three trains, each one unique and different
    - The BR Class 166 has incredible sounds on TSW2!
    5. Long Island Rail Road
    - This one feels quite unique compared to other routes. It is one of the only two U.S. commuter rail lines available on TSW.
    - A good variety of services, given that there's over 5 terminals...but the route can still manage to feel a bit dead sometimes
    Honorable Mentions:
    Main Spessart Bahn

    - Great scenery, decent trains. Can feel a bit repetitive after a while.
    London Bakerloo Line
    - The only subway line in TSW. Could be fun for a while, but it does eventually become repetitive as well.
    Sand Patch Grade
    - The original TSW route! Plenty of fond memories with this one. Good ol' heavy American freight. Its fun, but a bit dated now, especially in terms of sound. Could often spend 90-120 minutes on a single service, which can honestly be tedious sometimes.
    Rapid Transit
    - An OK route, but the old Talent 2 leaves a lot to be desired. Haven't bothered with this route after a few runs
    North East Corridor
    - Poor scenery, 'meh' trains. I remember seeing floating buildings at some point. This route also has some incredible poor lighting. Safety systems are also bugged. Not a lot of good things to mention about this route
    Penninsula Corridor
    - Originally had lots of fun on this route. The selection of trains is interesting. However this route very much feels like an A to B run with not a whole lot of variety. Distant scenery is rather poor
    Tees Valley Line
    - This one was peculiar. Its got a good mix of passenger and freight services, with some variety. Its a good route for plenty of other folks, but I have fallen out of love for this route, since I've eventually discovered I didn't have much interest in older British Rail routes.

    Other (never played):
    Rhein Ruhr Osten

    Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr - (waiting on sale, only because of the DB BR 101)
    Ruhr Sieg Nord
    North Trans Pennine
    West Somerset Railway
    CN Oakville Subdivision
    Isle of Wight

    LGV Méditerranée - (waiting on sale)

    I don't own any loco packs at all, so I can't really comment on their ranking.

    Anticipated upcoming DLCs:
    1. Southeastern High Speed

    - Seems like it'll provide a good amount of services, including high speed. Its an interesting route overall
    2. BR Class 313
    - To add variety on ECW. Its an older EMU, which will offer unique characteristics
    3. Hamburg - Lubeck
    - Hoping this'll add layers to other routes for added variety.
    4. DB BR 420
    - Much like the Class 313 above, I'm hoping this'll add something new to their respective routes, and come with unique operating characteristics and quirks.
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  7. ZeenozPlays

    ZeenozPlays Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2019
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    I guess I'll share my rankings as well. Some of the lower ranking routes might have less bad parts, but they are ranked lower due to personal preference.

    1. Hauptstrecke Munchen - Augsburg
    The Good
    - Has some nice rolling stock with the BR 403 and BR 423
    - Has some unique looking stations
    - Has a Good variety of services
    The Bad
    - Those services previously mentioned are unplayable on consoles
    - Incomplete Route
    - The performance on Consoles is absolutely trash
    - No Automated Announcements
    - No Interior Passenger Screens on the BR 423

    2. East Coastway
    The Good
    - Some nice rolling stock with the Class 377/4
    - Great representation of the south of the U.K.
    - It is a complete route (for the most part, trains CAN turn back at Eastbourne)
    The Bad
    - Some sounds are inaccurate
    - Not enough variety of services
    - No Automated Announcements

    3. London Underground: Bakerloo Line
    The Good
    - A Subway Line

    - The route is finished
    The Bad
    - Speed Limits are triggered by the Back of the train instead of the front
    - No Automated Announcements
    - Inaccurate Sounds
    - Some Parts of the line are modeled incorrectly
    - Lighting does not behave properly/Some lights are missing

    4. Long Island Rail Road
    The Good
    - An MTA Route
    - Set in NYC
    The Bad
    - Inaccurate Sounds
    - Safety System Bugs

    - Incorrect Modeling of most stations
    - Incomplete Route
    - No Destination Boards
    - No Automated Announcements

    5. Schnellfarstrecke Koln-Aachen
    The Good
    - Good variety of services
    - Somewhat nice rolling stock (BR 406 and the Layered Rolling Stock)
    The Bad
    - Incomplete Route
    - Constant Crashing near Koln

    - S-Bahn Trains do not display the correct Destinations
    - No PIS
    - No Automated Announcements
    - S-Bahn is using the wrong Train (It's supposed to use the BR 423 instead of the BR 422)

    6. Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr
    The Good
    - A Nice Variety of services
    - Nice rolling stock

    The Bad
    - Incomplete Route
    - No ICE Services
    - No PIS
    - No Automated Announcements

    7. Rhein Ruhr Osten
    The Good
    - A nice isolated and quiet route
    - Nice scenery (Except for when entering Hagen... A whole SKYLINE is missing)

    The Bad
    - Not a big variety of services
    - The BR 422 starts to get tiring to drive after some time
    - Incomplete Route
    - Destination Boards do not display the correct destination on TSW 2
    - No PIS
    - No Automated Announcements

    8. Great Western Express
    The Good
    - Accurate Recreation of stations along the route
    - Nice Rolling Stock
    - Somewhat Accurate Sounds
    The Bad
    - Incomplete Route
    - Not enough variety of Rolling Stock and Services
    - Lacks PIS
    - Lacks Destination Boards
    - Lacks Automated Announcements

    9. Isle Of Wight
    The Good
    - Heritage Rolling Stock
    - Peaceful Route
    - Somewhat Accurate Sounds
    - Complete Route
    - Opportunity for a Modernization update (Class 484's?)
    The Bad
    - Original Price was kinda high for such a short route
    - Performance Bugs at launch
    - Texture Quality was low at launch
    - Not enough stations (That's just the route choice though)

    10. Northeastern Corridor
    The Good
    - Passenger and Freight Services
    - Route goes through NYC
    The Bad
    - Horrible Performance on Consoles
    - Safety System Bugs (I think... Either that or the ACSES/ATC just didn't like me)
    - Inaccurate Recreation of some parts of the route
    - Route was Way too short
    - No High-Speed Acela Express
    - Only 1 (2) type of rolling stock

    11. Rapid Transit
    The Good
    - Lots of Stations within close proximity
    The Bad
    - No PIS
    - Older Version of the Talent 2
    - Inaccurate Sounds
    - Incomplete Route

    I do not own the other routes in the Game
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  8. Yosh1saurus

    Yosh1saurus Member

    Dec 20, 2020
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    Best to worst:

    1. Bakerloo line - good recreation of stock even if there is some clipping issues at pretty much every station somewhere
    2. Schnellfarstrecke (however you spell it) - Good scenery in most places and you can see other services but not really enough trains to begin with
    2. Great Western Express - Good trains, good sounds, pretty decent scenery, just lacks in length and a short Greenford branch
    3. East Coastway - nice route length for me but needs more scenery in some places, often it's just fields
    4. Rapid transit - has enough scenery to look alright but stations look a bit bland and I sometimes can't get the train to move
    4. Hauptstrecke R-R - good trains with good acceleration but very short (tied with RT)
    6. Sand Patch Grade (TSW2 - haven't owned the TSW2020 version) - Admittedly I haven't played it much but it's quite slow and doesn't appeal to me
    7. LIRR - Only one train and I just don't really like the route
  9. vogelm10

    vogelm10 Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2020
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    Lol, y'all be hating the LIRR! Hehe that is my favorite along with Oakville sub!

    I can't wait for the weird German Soviet train, that thing will be fun to paint in RZD colors!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2020
  10. Articuno

    Articuno Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2018
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    This a fun thread, note that I am playing on PC and have all layers for German routes and of course personal preference counts for a bit as well

    1) Hauptstrecke Munchen-Augsburg

    Included rolling stock is good, stations are well modelled and interesting, with all layers the timetable is busy and well-varied, includes PIS.

    2) Ruhr-Sieg Nord
    Nice rolling stock included, with a good mix of Freight and Passenger, BR 155 and BR 363 add-ons make the timetable more interesting and I just personally enjoy the route scenery and station architecture.

    3) Schnellfahrstrecke Koln-Aachen
    Similar route to Munchen-Augsburg with some nice rolling stock and if you have other DLC the timetable gets busy, however I find this to be more buggy and the route less interesting in general than Munchen-Augsburg.

    4) Great Western Express
    The stock is well modelled and probably has the best sounds of any locos made for the game, and the route includes high speed and stopping passenger services and a few freight train services so has some nice variation. Only negative is that it needed to be a bit longer (to Didcot at least).

    5) LGV Méditerranée
    The TGV Duplex is excellent to drive, and its really nice to setup and do the power change outside Marseille. I also don't think the route is as bad as some people say it is in terms of it looking "Mediterranean-ey". Unlike driving the ICE the TGV Duplex requires a fair bit more input to drive and keep to the limit with the rapidly changing gradients.

    6) East Coastway
    Class 377 is nice and reasonably well modelled, apart from the braking issue, and the route is also recreated well. Lack of variation in services is an issue though. It's good that it includes the Seaford Branch but the main route not going to its terminus in Ore feels a bit weird. The freight train services are nice. This one might go up the list if the upcoming Class 313 is well made.

    7) Bakerloo Line
    The stock especially is very well modelled and the route as well in general (though there are some clipping issues). Probably the most challenging route in terms of keeping to the timetable so definitely keeps me engaged when driving. Only problem with this route really is the lack of sounds and bad mixing of sounds. Also includes PIS which is good.

    8) Rhein-Ruhr Osten
    The included stock is good, and although it is a bit of a short route it includes two actual terminals and it still feels busy (having all the layers probably helps here). Also the scenery is nice, especially the Schwebebahn around Wuppertal.

    9) Sand Patch Grade
    The route is nice and scenic, but Cumberland Yard feels a bit empty. The included rolling stock isn't terrible, but the sounds aren't great either, though is definitely challenging to drive.

    10) Northern Transpennine
    This one more comes down to personal preference than the routes, locos included. I just don't particularly enjoy this British Rail era, though they definitely recreated the stations and the feeling of this era well, and I like to drive the rapid services on the BR Class 45.

    11) Main Spessart Bahn
    This one is also due to personal preference (I just don't particularly enjoy the route), and also the fact that it has been ported over extremely badly to TSW2. The one benefit of this is the amount of layers it adds to every other German route.

    12) Rapid Transit
    The talent 2 included is not the most well modelled train in the game (its the old, worse version) and the route in general is just quite boring to drive on after a couple of runs. The Leipzig city tunnel and the stations in it are nice though.

    13) LIRR
    The sounds and physics of the train are pretty bad, the route isn't well modelled and it kind of feels like I'm driving in a post-apocalyptic New York with the amount of life here. AI trains are non-existent, especially at busy stations like Jamaica. This is the only route to me that doesn't feel alive at all (though I understand other routes have these issues on console due to the layers and amount of passengers limitations).

    14) Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    Okay so the included rolling stock is good, but the route just feels laughably short, whenever I do a service it feels like I'm kidnapping a train for a short 20, maximum 30 minute run between Duisburg and Bochum. I guess I just don't understand why they chose this section of a route. I guess you could say it feels relatively busy, but so do many other routes like GWE, HMA, SKA - and they are long enough and include a proper terminal station to feel much more interesting and engaging. Also I find the lighting on this route to be horrendous where I'm constantly blinded by the bloom effects.

    In terms of loco DLC, I don't own that many but I'll do a quick ranking of the ones I have:

    1) DB BR 155 - probably my favourite loco to drive in the game (the TSW2 port needs a bit of bug fixing though)
    2) DB BR 363 - interesting shunting services
    3) DB BR 182 - nice to drive and well modelled, just been badly ported over to TSW2, especially the sounds

    As for the stuff on the roadmap I'm most looking forward to...

    1) Arosa line - I like Swiss routes and the included loco looks interesting
    Joint 2nd) Clinchfield Railroad and Cane Creek - the routes look interesting, and Clinchfield Railroad comes with an EMD F7 which is a nice loco.
    3) Hamburg-Lubeck - Well I'm excited to see what it could do with layers and the route isn't the worst but it essentially just includes rolling stock we've already had.
    4) Southeastern High-Speed - When I had this on TS Classic I got pretty bored with it quickly, and the part where you can drive the 375 is too short to get me interested, the 395 is cool though.

    I'm most looking forward though to two Loco DLC: the DB BR 101 (I'm really hoping it will included IC carriages + cab car, and it will add layers to multiple routes, not just Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr), and also the Class 313 for east coastway.
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  11. WonterRail

    WonterRail Well-Known Member

    Aug 4, 2018
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    Returning to this thread just to update my personal ranking just to add or rearrange some positions as a lot of new add-ons have come out since I made the original ranking back in December. It can be found on the first post of this thread and if anyone wants to rank their favourite add-ons from worst to best but haven't done so yet, feel free to do so in the replies below, instructions are also on the first post.

    I'll probably come back every couple of months to update my personal ranking when new add-ons come out or when they get added to the roadmap, but when I do, I'll will be using these keys to show what has changed and what has stayed the same since last time:

    (-): This means the add-on has stayed in the same position since the last time I ranked the routes/loco add-ons.
    (+1): This means the add-on has moved up a few spots since the last time I ranked the routes/loco add-ons, this may be due to that route getting a loco add-on that has made that route more enjoyable.
    (-1): This means the add-on has gone down a few spots since the last time I ranked the routes/loco add-ons. This will mostly be down to a new add-on pushing it down a few spots
    (+New): This add-on is new this time round and wasn't out/wasn't on the roadmap the last time I ranked the routes/loco add-ons.
  12. grob-e

    grob-e Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2020
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    Well, just for the fun of it...

    Best Routes
    1. Schnellfahrstrecke Köln Aachen - best mixture of all possible services, from S-Bahn to High-Speed, you can find on the route.
    2. Hauptstrecke München Augsburg - As on SKA good mixture of services, but somehow, i got a feeling something is missing...
    3. Main-Spessart-Bahn - Interesting banking service, challenging in some point, adverse signals could struck on the ramp. Just like it.
    4. Peninsula Corridor - Well, very strange experience, driving an US diesel monster loco on a commuter line, stopping every mile...
    5. LGV Mediterranee - Maybe not for continous use, but good to have a route that serves the need for speed...
    6. Ruhr-Sieg-Nord - Really nice made route, you have to pay attention at the upcoming speed limits with PZB turned on...
    7. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr - a route like a sinus curve, up and down you go, and it seems to be the busiest route in TSW.
    8. East Coastway - Nice little route all in all, becomes somewhat repetative at some point.
    9. Arosalinie - Well, the run downhill is just the hell of a ride, very different to all other routes in TSW
    10. Clinchfield RR - Slow US freight isn´t really my cup of tea, but somewhat challenging, and somehow I really appreciate the feeling driving the US diesel monster locos.
    11. Rhein-Ruhr-Osten - A challenging incline from Hagen to Ennepetal, if only there were more freight runs...
    12. Hamburg-Lübeck - If it wasn´t for all the bugs, the route offers a amount of fun
    13. Sand Patch Grade - Challenging, US diesel monster locos, but too slow...
    14. Great Western Express - English High Speed mixed with some commuter service, a bit short, and a bit repetative.
    15. Rapid Transit - Gained some placed since the last improvements, could perfom better, if the improvements will be felt as finished.
    16. LIRR - Well, the route exists...
    17. Northern Trans Pennine - Well, while the route is nice somehow, I haven´t any feelings for the locos, never seen, don´t like the feeling driving them....
    18. Bakerloo line - A long, dark, boring tunnel with the most repetative timetable in TSW.

    Best loco add-ons

    1. DB BR 101 - I´m german, really great, how the loco is depicted in the game
    2. MP 36 PH - US diesel monster, that manages to stop once a mile...teally like how it feels to drive the loco
    3. DB BR 155 - Haven´t really figured out, to drive it in the best way , but it´s somehow fun...
    4. DB BR 204 - It´s ok, not really a "wow", should have more services at all...
    5. DB BR 182 - I still hope it´ll be finished someday

    Upcoming Routes

    1. Bahnstrecke Riesa Dresden - sounds like real fun
    2. Northeastern Corridor - maybe a candidate to be my favourite US-Route
    3. Cathcart Circle - Well, maybe, if there will be more information about it
    4. Brighton Main Line - East Coastway reloaded?
    5. Penzance = Truro - another BR blue stuff line

    Upcoming Locos

    1. DB BR 232 - Soviet diesel monster vs. US diesel monsters...sounds epic...
    2. DB BR 420 - Well, a touch of german vintage at least...
    3. Class 313 - Maybe some diversity on East Coastway
    4. Vossloh G6 - I´m not really a shunting fan, but maybe offers something new on RRO
    5. DB BR 187 - Don´t know anything about it.
    5. 1938 Tube stock - another train in a deep, dark, boring tunnel, alone..., again...
  13. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2020
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    Gee, I can't resist a good ranking! I'm somewhat new to TSW, but I've got plenty of gameplay of the routes I currently have to be confident enough with ranking them. (Don't have any loco add-ons yet, sadly)

    1. Sand Patch Grade
    I can always enjoy a long and heavy freight train, so a nice CSX service is my favorite choice when I have a few hours. I like the variety of services, as I can either pick one of those wonderfully long and heavy freight trains with an AC4400CW or SD40-2, or a nice and simple switching service with the GP38-2. I also appreciate the choice of either the YN3b or YN2 liveries. Growing up seeing a lot of long American freight trains makes Sand Patch Grade very special to me.

    2. East Coastway
    UK passenger trains have fascinated me ever since I started learning a bit about them, and my favorites have been the Electrostars. Since East Coastway is a good length route (most runs being 30-40 mins) with Class 377s, it's my absolute favorite UK route in the game. I also appreciate the quick freight runs with the Class 66, they're nice and simple. So East Coastway is my top pick when I want something casual.

    3. Main Spessart Bahn
    I don't know why, but there's something about Main Spessart Bahn that makes it my favorite German route. Perhaps it's because I like the included locomotives, and I love the scenery. Timetable has a good variety of passenger services, and a whole lot of freight services. I just like the route because I get to go fast and stop a few times.

    4. Peninsula Corridor
    This route is the closest to home for me, sitting on the West Coast. I enjoy American commuter trains, so having Caltrain is very nice. Having Union Pacific is also incredible, even just 9 services makes me happy because it's Union Pacific :). I wanted this to become my favorite route, but passenger services don't feel too varied, as the route is mainly a straight line. Manually lapped brakes on the F40 are enjoyable to learn, but they definitely aren't my favorite. I'm sure passenger services would be a lot better with the MP36. But hey, I can't complain too much, I love driving a California commuter train.
    5. CN Oakville Subdivision
    I can't tell if this route is this high on the list for North American bias, or if I actually enjoy the route. It can be pretty boring, as most of the timetable is filled with 60 mph runs between Oakville and Aldershot. But screw it, it's a Canadian freight route. The few switching services that do exist can be good fun, and this is probably in my top 3 favorite routes in terms of scenarios. I can even enjoy the Oakville-Aldershot runs, as those are harmless, only taking about half an hour. The GP9rm is a very nice locomotive, and paired with the GP38-2, makes for a nice selection of trains.
    6. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    While nothing too special, this route has been very enjoyable ever since I got Main Spessart Bahn. There are so many trains driving around at all times, so I always enjoy doing an S-Bahn or RE service and seeing all of the trains passing by me. The BR 422 and 425 are neat EMUs, and they are a very nice inclusion in the route. So yeah, nothing special, but I can appreciate the business.
    7. Long Island Railroad
    The LIRR is perfect for when I want a decently long American passenger service. Taking less than an hour, I can always enjoy a service to Ronkonkoma or Hempstead. While I wish the route was a lot busier, I still enjoy driving to busy looking places such as Penn Station and Jamaica. The M7 is also very enjoyable to drive, with a nice little cozy cab with a bunch of buttons and switches in it. But the lack of traffic and a not very fun to use safety system, it's not as high as I'd like it to be. Still a bit higher than I expected it to be before I got TSW.
    8. Isle of Wight
    This is a comfort route. No busy traffic or strict timetables (ignore the fact that IOW has a strict timetable), just a half hour of sitting in a little train that toots its whistle and stops at a few stations. The Class 483 is a great train to drive, as it's nothing too difficult to drive, but at least I still have to focus a bit to manage my speed. My main issues with the route are the somewhat strict timetable from Sandown-Shanklin, and the lack of depot trains. Come on, what's a route with only 4 depot services? Although it does have seagulls at Ryde Pier Head, so I will forgive Rivet Games and give them all of my money.
    9. Schnellfahrstrecke Koln-Aachen
    Oh hey, the ICE route! This route, like HRR, was pretty boring before I got MSB. But I do have it now, and it feels a bit busier, yay! My favorite part of the route is the RE services with the Talent 2, it drives so much better than the Dostos. The ICE is also nice, but it doesn't have too many services, and Koln-Aachen runs can be a bit boring, as the train basically drives itself. But I do like the fast train, so there's that.
    10. Bakerloo Line
    This is another good length route for me, as services are either 30 or 50 minutes. The 72 Stock is a very nice train to drive as well, and I really like trains with good brakes. The services do feel a bit boring after a while, since there's just a bunch of start, stop, start, stop, start, stop. Bakerloo is a very nice route, it's just that I like these other routes more than it.
    11. Great Western Express
    This is another route that isn't bad at all, I just have a lot of better options. I love driving the HST, as even in a normal A to B run, I have to manage my speed a bunch. The Class 166 is good fun, with normal commuter services that I enjoy a lot. Although the Class 166 services on the high speed line aren't as fun. The freight services are nothing special either, you just... drive. But it's good fun when I remember to scroll to the bottom of my list of routes.
    12. Ruhr Sieg Nord
    My favorite thing about German routes is the fact that I get to go fast. Ruhr Sieg Nord doesn't let me do that, so it's not as exciting for me. The locomotives are just eh. The BR 185 is on MSB, and I don't really like driving the BR 143, because automatic AFB makes it a lot less exciting. But the freight services are nice, and I can enjoy a good passenger service to Hagen every now and then.
    13. Northern Trans-Pennine
    BR Blue locomotives are great. It's so nice to depart a station and hear the roar of the Class 45 and 47. The Class 101 is fine. While I can drive it fine, it's not that fun to drive. Also, full length 101 services are very long, and I dislike overly long commuter services. Ignore the fact that I put Peninsula Corridor so high (bias, folks, BIAS). While the locomotives are very fun to drive, I don't really enjoy passenger services with them. Perhaps I'll love this route if I get the BR Heavy Freight Pack...
    14. Rapid Transit
    Hey, remember 2 sentences ago when I said I dislike overly long commuter services? Here's Rapid Transit, providing a 2017 timetable full of 90 minute S-Bahn runs. The 2021 timetable isn't that much more enjoyable to me, as now the services don't feel complete. Also, the route has very weird looking lighting, and the Talent 2 is very quiet from the cab. Not a fun driving experience for me.

    Current Routes
    1. Clinchfield Railroad
    2. LGV Mediterrenne
    3. Southeastern High Speed
    4. Rhein-Ruhr Osten
    5. Hauptstrecke Hamburg-Lubeck
    6. Hauptstrecke Munchen-Augsburg
    7. Tees Valley Line
    8. West Somerset Railway

    Current Loco Add-ons (for routes I have)
    1. MP36PH-3C
    2. MP15DC
    3. BR Heavy Freight Pack
    4. DB BR 101
    5. DB BR 363
    6. C40-8W
    7. M3
    8. DB BR 155
    9. DB BR 204
    10. Diesel Legends of the Great Western
    11. DB BR 182

    Upcoming Routes
    1. Cane Creek
    2. NEC: Boston-Providence
    3. Brighton Mainline
    4. Cathcart Circle Line
    5. Bahnstrecke Riesa-Dresden
    6. West Cornwall Local

    Upcoming Loco Add-ons
    1. BR Class 313
    2. DB BR 187
    3. Standard 1938 Tube Stock
    4. G6
    5. DB BR 420
    6. DB BR 232

    Thank you WonterRail for letting me waste a bunch of my time :)
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  14. trainsimplayer

    trainsimplayer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2021
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    From what I own it's this:

    1) Southeastern High-Speed
    I hardly use the High-speed Section, mostly in Kent with the class 465 & 375, however the Kent Section has a feel that I don't quite get with the others, it feels like a true commuter line.

    2) East Coastway: Similar reasons to SEHS. Can't wait for the 313

    3) Great Western Express: As old as it may be it is still wonderful. Plus the HST is in there so I can't complain

    4) Köln - Aachen: ICE

    5) Rapid Transit: Since the recent update I've played this route quite a lot. And the Talent 2 is always nice.

    6) Northern Transpennine: Nice route...

    7) Bakerloo Line: I like the stop-start nature as well as the length (time-wise) to do a journey. A lot of Questionable Parts however.

    8) LGV: I like this one. It's as low as it is as I don't really use it all that much. Shame it's only 3 Stations.

    8) Isle Of Wight: I like the 483 and the short and calm feel of this route, however the flaws of it drag it to 8th.

    9) CSX: Don't use it.

    A bit of an unfair contest as I only own the Class 465

    1. Glasgow Cathcart Circle
    2. West Cornwall
    3. Riesa-Dresden & Brighton Mainline
    4. NEC
    5. Cane Creek
    Upcoming Locos:
    I'm only really interested in the Class 313 in all honesty.
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  15. breblimator

    breblimator Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2019
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    HRR with all layers & 101 | best
    HMA with all layers
    RNS with 155 & 363
    BR 101| best
    BR 363
    BR 182
    Heavy Freight Pack
    BR 204
    BRD | best
    BR 232 | best
    BR 187
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  16. diesel power

    diesel power New Member

    Aug 2, 2020
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    from what i have
    Locomotives from best to worst
    2)GP38-2, MP15DC, SW1000r
    3)AC4400CW , BR Class 66
    4)DB BR204 , F40PH , MP36PH-3C, GP9
    5)BR Class 52, BR Class 37, BR Class 166, M7
    5)BR Class 47,BR Class40, BR Class 377
    6)BR 363, ACS-64,DBBR101, DB BR143
    7) BR Class 08
    8)DB BR185

    Routes from best to worst
    1)Peninsula corridor
    2)Clinchfield railroad , NEC
    3)Ruhr Sieg Nord, Main-Spessart Bahn, Tees valley line
    4)Sand patch grade , great western express, west somerset railway
    5)Oakville subdivision, LLR
    6)northern trans pennine
    7)east coastway
    8)rapid transit
  17. Asyedan

    Asyedan New Member

    May 29, 2021
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    I rate them from favourites to least favourites, but tbh i dont use some locos very much to have a decent opinion of them.

    1. Caltrain MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet'
    2. BR Class 465 EMU
    3. DB BR 101
    4. LIRR M3
    5. BR Class 52
    6. BR Class 33
    7. DB BR 363

    1. Long Island Railroad
    2. London Bakerloo Line
    3. Peninsula Corridor
    4. Southeastern Highspeed
    5. East Coastway
    6. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    7. Köln-Aachen
    8. Great Western Express
    9. LGV Mediterranee
    10. Northern Trans-Pennine*
    11. Ruhr-Sieg Nord
    12. Arosalinie**
    13. Sand Patch Grade
    14. West Somerset Railway
    *: NTP isnt one of my favourites, but i love the locos being usable in most British maps, they are very often a very nice change from the modern machines that run them.
    **: Honestly i havent run this route very much yet, so my opinion on it will probably change.
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  18. Rudolf

    Rudolf Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2016
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    Routes (Best to Worst)
    1. Sand Patch Grade (TSW2)
    2. Rhein-Ruhr Osten
    3. Tees Valley Line
    4. Ruhr-Sieg Nord
    5. West Somerset Railway
    6. Northern Trans-Pennine
    7. Clinchfield
    8. Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg
    9. Great Western Express
    10. Main Spessart Bahn
    11. Long Island Railroad
    12. Arosa Linie

    Loco Add-Ons (Best to Worst)
    1. DB BR 155
    2. BR363
    3. BR Heavy Freight Pack
    4. BR Class 31
    5. BR Class 20 “Chopper”

    Upcoming Routes (Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated)

    Cane Creek

    I do not try be exhaustive and my opinion may have changed the next five minutes.
  19. kenobi#1878

    kenobi#1878 Active Member

    May 8, 2021
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    That I own in order of best to worst:
    1/2 HRR
    2/1 SEHS
    3 ECW
    4 SKA
    5 HMA
    6 GWE
    7 NTP
    8 RT
    9 LIRR
    10 RSN
    11 TVL
    12 MSB
    13 SPG
    14 IOW
    15 WSR
    16 NEC

    1 Class 465
    2 HFP
    3 363
    4 20
    5 31/33
    6 182

    I like passenger routes and trains so I’ll be getting them eventually
  20. antwerpcentral

    antwerpcentral Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2021
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    I'm bumping this topic because I'm curious how you would rank these in September. Very curious how the Rush Hour DLC ranks in these lists
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  21. trainsimplayer

    trainsimplayer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2021
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    My list has very much changed:
    {Key: ★ = New, ↑ = Moved Up, ↓ = Moved Down}
    Today it's
    (★) 1) Cathcart Circle Line
    Very accurate to real life, 314 is perfect.
    Could do with Dresden's Night Lighting and the SPT Livery for the 314.

    (-) 2) East Coastway
    A wonderful route, and will become even better with the 313, I'm sure.
    Hopefully BML will be a step forward for Southern's Network in TSW.

    (★) = ) Riesa - Dresden
    Whilst I personally don't own it (and won't for a while) Dresden has very much impressed me. It's really high quality from what I've been able to see, and I look forward to getting my hands on it.

    (-) 3) Great Western Express
    Whilst this still one of my favourite routes, I think - personally - Cathcart and East Coastway are better, and Dresden just deserves to be here.

    (↓2) 4) Southeastern High-speed
    Formerly my 2nd place, SEHS has very much so fallen out of favour for me.
    Especially as HS1 - the main selling point for the route - was worse than the TS Version - much older.

    (↑1) 5) Northern Transpennine
    I have - since getting the route - become more and more a fan of it. My only - proper (IOW doesn't count) - BR-era Route as well.

    (★) 6) NEC: Boston - Providence
    I'll need to try it first.

    (↓2) = ) Köln - Aachen
    The ICE and Talent are both fun to drive, however I hardly bother with this route. Don't know why, just don't.

    (↓2) 7) Rapid Transit
    I enjoy RT more than I did, partly because I have become softer towards German content, however NTP comes above it.

    (-) 8) LGV
    I enjoy driving this route, however it is as low as it is because the scenery really is dire in places.

    (-) 9) Isle of Wight
    It could - most certainly - be better. The fact the line isn't even correct (i.e. the way the track goes) is concerning, to say the least. Also, all trains NSE in a Modern-build of the route? Come on, Rivet.
    I do like driving it, however, don't get me wrong.

    (↓3) 10) Bakerloo Line
    Bakerloo is decent, however, I always run straight out of patience a few stops through the Underground Section.

    Modelling in places is, well, technically, awful. Not bad, and good to see the Shard and Wembley back on Last Gen

    11) Sand Patch Grade
    Sorry, no.

    Same as before. Only own the 465.

    1. Brighton Mainline
    2. West Cornwall Local (150!)
    3. Sherman Hill and Horseshoe Curve routes.
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  22. FD1003

    FD1003 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2019
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    20 - West Somerset Railway
    ---------- Hamburg - Lubeck
    19 - Sand Patch Grade
    18 - CN Oakville Sub
    17 - NTP
    16 - Tees Valley
    15 - GWE
    14 - NEC
    13 - Peninsula Corridor
    12 - BKL
    11 - LIRR
    ---------- Cane Creek
    ---------- Clinchfield
    10 - Rapid Transit (w/BR182)
    9 -- LGV Méd
    8 -- IoW
    ---------- RH NEC
    7 -- Rhein Ruhr Osten
    6 -- East Coasway (IF they fix the 377's brakes
    5 -- SKA
    ---------- Glasgow Cathcart Circle
    4 -- HMA (IF you have all the layers)
    3 -- Main Spessart Bahn
    2 -- HRR n.1for pax
    ‐-------- Riesa Dresden
    = -- RSN (IF you have the BR363) -n.1 for freight
    1 ---------- SEHS
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  23. Asyedan

    Asyedan New Member

    May 29, 2021
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    I will only include routes here since there hasnt been any new loco DLCs:
    (n: New)
    1. Cathcart Circle Line (n): Absolutely love the variety of different routes, and they are all of them quite short too. It is the closest thing to a "quick play" button you can get. Also, the 314 is very easy and smooth to drive.
    2. Long Island Railroad
    3. Dresden-Riesa (n): While the route is fairly straightforward with minimal variety, it has services for a big bunch of different locos, so i really like that aspect. From the ICE to the BR 101 or 185/146, the 442 or freight locos, you can do a lot of different things here.
    4. London Bakerloo Line
    5. Peninsula Corridor
    6. Boston Sprinter (n): Another good American route just like LIRR and Peninsula. I like having a relatively short diesel route (peninsula is lovely, but sometimes i dont have patience for 1h-1:30 hour drives). I just need to learn how to brake at Route 128 station without wildly overshooting it...
    7. Southeastern Highspeed
    8. East Coastway
    9. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    10. Köln-Aachen
    11. Arosalinie (+5): After driving it a bit more, i find it very pintoresque and chill to drive. I like driving from Chur to Arosa way more than the opposite direction though.
    12. Great Western Express
    13. LGV Mediterranee
    14. Northern Trans-Pennine
    15. Ruhr-Sieg Nord
    16. West Somerset Railway (+1): While i still dislike the ultra slow nature of the line, it does have some nice atmosphere, and it is by far the lightest on disk space, so it doesnt matter if it just sits there. Very niche for me, but once in a while i like to have some fun on it.
    17. Sand Patch Grade (-1): Nothing much to say. I simply dont like freight only lines, this is the only one of its kind that i own only because it came with the base game. Therefore i barely play it at all.
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  24. Cameron's Gaming

    Cameron's Gaming Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2016
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    For me, from best:
    1. Cathcart Circle - very enjoyable route to drive, with nice scenery.
    2. Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr - Plenty of variety and looks nice.
    3. Ruhr Seig Nord - Slow paced but not boring, I think it's really pretty.
    4. Tees Valley Line - OK, I'm from the area but I do like to drive the freight runs on this every now and then.
    5. Rapid Transit, considering its age, I think this route holds up very well, and is nicely modelled, the new timetable is nice but I feel it really needs the 182 to unleash both timetables' potential.
    6. Main Spessart Bahn - Nice, busy freight timetable, quite fun with the Spessartrampe, although distant scenery looks very 2D and strange. It's bumped up by the fact it's a layer on so many routes.
    7. Rhein Ruhr Osten - Nice route to drive, the scenery is really nice, but with head sway it's particularly poor due to the trackwork having tight turns and sharp gradient changes.
    8. Reisa - Dresden - Lovely route, would've been 1 or 2 if it ran at more than about 20fps.
    9. Munich Augsburg - Again, doesn't run as well as the other routes, but I can't help but feel it's a little empty at times, despite all the layers?
    10. Southeastern High Speed - Nice timetable, let down by some slightly dodgy scenery in places.
    11. East Coastway - Nice scenery but gets boring pretty quickly.
    12. Great Western Express - While it looks really nice and I loved it when it first came out, the trains and route is starting to show its age, sadly.
    13. Northern Trans-Pennine - Doesn't really have the "spark" for me, don't particularly enjoy it.
    14. West Somerset Railway - this is actually my only TSW DLC purchase I regret. I find it too slow and just plain boring.
    15. Boston Sprinter - not downloaded it, no interest.
    16. Sand Patch Grade - same.
  25. antwerpcentral

    antwerpcentral Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2021
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    Thanks for the updates. As Cathcart Circle was on top of many lists I tried it out and it is fun.

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