PC Re Path Augsburg-münchen Uses Wrong Track After Mammendorf

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by 2martens, Oct 25, 2020.

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    Oct 6, 2020
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    Create any service in scenario planner that goes from Augsburg to Munich via RE path. The service can stop in Mammendorf platform 4 or pass the station. In both cases, it will take the left side track (not the normal right side track) after Mammendorf and only switch back to the right side when rejoining the high speed line.

    In timetable mode, the REs take the correct track.

    This behaviour creates a defacto single track segment between Mammendorf and the separation of RE and high speed lines closer to Munich. Any train following the RE path to Augsburg has to wait until the entire segment is clear before proceeding to Mammendorf.

    The RE paths available in scenario planner always follow the proper right side track.
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    Thanks for noticing this. I tried it out on my Xbox and frustratingly, now my only option of running RE routes on console MAG without the additional layers (through scenario planner) is bugged. Little lapses in detail in the game design really deflate the overall experience for me playing this game. I really hope this is noted and fixed at some point!. DTG Natster

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