Riesa-chemnitz (karl Marx Stadt): Linking Dra With Tharandter Ramp Dresden-chemnitz

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    Feb 21, 2021
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    Hi guys it's me Driverwoods#1787 and I'm suggesting the Riesa-Chemnitz Railway which will link Riesa-Dresden with the new German route on the Roadmap Tharandter Ramp Dresden-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt)


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    Riesa-Chemnitz old name during the German Democratic Republic Years Karl Marx Stadt is a line that runs 66 km (41 mi). From it's terminus in Riesa where Riesa-Dresden Ends towards the end point of Tharadter Rampe Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Hbf via Dobeln where it intersects Meissen Leipzing Line. After Dobeln Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) line goes through a valley where it uses Heiligenborn viaduct to cross Zschopau then eventually Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Hbf. Was built from 1847-1852 Line was electrified in 1991 and uses DDR Deutsche Reichsbahn Standard Hl signal which is seen in Riesa-Dresden.

    Rolling Stock
    DB BR 156/DR BR 252

    The next generation East German Electric Locomotive. From the German Wikipedia Page DB BR156/DR BR252 was built in 1991 with a max speed of 125 km/h 78 mph for freight and passengers and equipped with East German PZ80 signaling. On this route DB BR156/DR BR252 will do freight services between Riesa and Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) using the existing Wagons from RSN Falns 183 Roos-t tree trunks Shimms TTU Main Spessart Bahn Habbiins Paper Roll Wagons Shimms U-708 Steel Coil & Zacns Tanker Wagon. For new freight wagons, these are Ealos-T wood chip wagons followed by a boxcar the Gbs 258 can be paired with DB BR156/DR252 if the community wanted more German Freight Wagons.

    Alstom Coradia Continental BR1440
    Built from 2012-2020 these are the staple in both German Regional & S-Bahn Traffic. With the DB Traffic Red version seeing regular Service on the Rhein Ruhr Osten Wuppertal-Hagen S8 route. In the case of the Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) route, these BR1440 are in White/Green Paint. This BR 1440 will serve as the base model for RRO DB BR1440 if Riesa-Chemnitz was to be made for TSW 2 then come as DLC to RRO. On Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) the BR1440 operates RB45 Riesa-Chemnitz regional trips. Other trips start at Elsterwerda 2hr 30 away from Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt).

    DB BR 228/DR BR 118
    Built from 1960-1966 as an East German Diesel Hydraulic locomotive Equivalent to the West German DB BR220. Their main use was Express Passenger service and freight services on all East German mainline which included Riesa-Dresden and Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt). For passenger services, the DB BR228/DR BR 118 uses steam heaters to supply heating for passenger coaches.
    Layers from other German Routes
    DB BR 155 DR BR 250

    If RSN is Owned with the Purchase of DB BR155/DR BR250 then it can substitute for DB BR156/DR BR 252 on Freight services on Riesa Chemnitz. A future DLC will have this locomotive bundled with DB BR232 DR BR 132 DB BR 204 DR BR V100 DB BR143/DR BR243 as the legends of the DDR with these locomotives doing both freight and passengers.
    DB BR 143 DR BR 243
    These routes are owned which are Ruhr Sieg Nord Riesa Dresden and the Dresden Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt Route) on the road map. These will do both freight and Dostos using an Older Time table pre-Transdev take over. In the case of the current timetable substitute the BR 1440 on RB45 Riesa Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt). If was Riesa-Dresden was owned then operate RB45 Zeithain Riesa Chemnitz provided DTG links DRA with BRC Bahnstrecke Riesa Chemnitz.
    DB BR 204 DR V100
    These East German shunters can work at Gbf Riesa and Chemnitz in older Deutsche Reichsbahn DDR Timetables written as Karl Marx Stadt. Requirements are Main Spessart Bahn and purchase of DB BR204 for Main Spessart Bahn to have them activated on Riesa Chemnitz.
    DB BR232/DR BR132
    [​IMG] \

    For owners of Ruhr-Sieg Nord combined with the purchase of DB BR232. This Deutsche Bahn formerly DDR Deutsche Reichsbahn locomotive will do both freight on this route using wagons it comes with on RSN. In a special legend of DDR DLC if made then it will do both freight and passenger on Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Riesa Dresden and Dresden Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Thrandter Rampe route.
    Service Timetable
    From the German language website of Transdev Mitteldeutsche regiobahn RB45 Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) timetables from 12/13/20-12/13/21 are in PDF format. Trips between Riesa and Chemitz take 61 minutes if route construction occurs; these trips take 1hr 12 to Riesa but 2hr 30 for the entire run from Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) to Elsterwerda via Zeithain. Normal operation for Chemnitz Riesa Zeithain Elsterwerda trips take 1hr 27.
    Dobeln Hbf
    Junction of Riesa Chemnitz line with Meissen Leipzig Railway line picture is by 0815 Art Director
    Riesa Bahnhof
    The start point of Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Railway and the junction of Riesa-Dresden Railway in-game as rush hr route. The picture is by Jwaller
    Kummersmuhlen Viaduct
    The picture is by Tnemtsoni
    Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Hbf
    End point of Riesa Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Railway and meet the new route Tharandter Rampe Dresden Chemnitz. The picture is by Michael Kummling

    2007 Cab View of Riesa-Chemnitz final destination is Elsterwerda via Zeithain Video is by Bahn Tv uploaded by noncompot

    RB45 leaving Chemnitz for Riesa and ride both are taken by Angelo Muller

    RB45 Riesa Chemnitz with DB BR 143 Dosto taken by Feldbahner in January 2016 uploaded in December 2020
    Final Thoughts

    Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Railway is a route that must be added into TSW 2 for three reasons. First of which is that it links the DRA DTG abbreviation of Riesa Dresden with the new route Dresden Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) via Dobeln where this route meets up with Meißen Leipzig Railway. Part of which is playable in Riesa Dresden as the S1 to Meißen. The second reason is that this route features a more scenic route over the Saxon valleys some of them are tall viaducts and offer more East German regional routes. The third reason why the Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) line should be added is that it's going to give all East German DLC locomotives 204,155,143, & 232 a place to run on pre-dating the 1990 German reunification. That includes the new locomotives for this route DB BR156 DR BR252 & DB BR228 DR BR118. Opening up the possibility for a Legends of East Germany pack on Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) if made Riesa Dresden & Dresden Chemnitz(Karl Marx Stadt). In addition to running West German routes RRO RSN Main Spessart Bahn HMA HRR SKA and the single East German formerly Deutsche Reichsbahn DDR Riesa-Dresden MainLine. If DTG gets a Veolia Transdev Licence then RB45 services on the Riesa-Dresden route Zeithain branch becomes playable when combined with Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) Line complete with BR1440. If the Veolia license wasn't obtained DTG will let DRA Tharandter Rampe & RSN owners run DB BR143s with 4th gen Dostos on Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) line to provide more opportunities for DB BR143 to run on. One more option that DTG can do is a long scenario that involves linking DRA Tharandter Rampe and this route Riesa-Chemnitz is a route diversion scenario. That segement is between Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) & Dresden Hbf via Riesa & Dobeln due to a stranded train. You must use BRC this route Riesa Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) and Riesa Dresden to play that long scenario. Long-term plans by DTG might be selling DRA Tharandter Rampe Dresden Karl Marx Stadt (Chemnitz) and this route Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) as the Saxon route network bundle. Overall these are the reasons why Riesa-Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt) route must be added to TSW 2.
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