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Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by friskey.marcedes, Nov 11, 2020.

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    May 27, 2020
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    There seems to be some issues from the latest road map.
    First - what happened to the shard and wembley stadium fixes seems to have just disappeared - like the landmarks themselves? In the introduction video for the game it even it shows the stadium. Still get the sense that console players (we are the ones that pay the bills!) are treated like 2nd class passengers.
    Second - Sand Patch Grade has been a train wreck since launch and I have given up playing it until it gets fixed. The list in the new Roadmap highlights the mess it's in. One glaring omission there are no achievements I suppose you cant achieve the impossible? New loco for Sandpatch grade unlikely to help the chaos.
    Third - Miles Platting fixed?!!?!! Laughed so hard nearly fell off my chair! How can it be fixed without Heavy Freight pack which was put forward as a reason (one of many) that the game crashed? Put it back on the next roadmap and lets see how we get on!
    Last point/gripe - TSW must the most expensive game on xbox/PS with the DLCs as you have to have a few extra routes/locos to make it interesting. How much is the full game and all DLC's? Finally can someone show the discounts on xbox in the last year compared with steam/PS?
    Is the Driver Log still on the roadmap?
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    Sep 21, 2017
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    I’ve given up on West Somerset Railway, too many issues not allowing actions to complete so you can’t continue scenarios. I love the game so much but it’s by far the most frustrating game I’ve ever played, when you put over an hour and a half in to a scenario and just get stuck. Denied, no route available! I’m the only train out at 19:15 on the railway as I’m putting stuff away at the end of the day
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  3. dave from Cornwall

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    Jan 10, 2020
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    I have purposely not even tried Sand Patch Grade yet...all the complaints, all the "spawn here, walk there, stand on one leg" methodology to get things to work.

    I am sitting tight and waiting for 'War and Peace' in length litany of fixes to be implemented.

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  4. LucasLCC

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    Mar 19, 2020
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    DTG Protagonist - Are you able to share some light as to why this has disappeared?

    Perhaps they've fixed it prior to release, and have tested that it is now fixed. I guess we will find out soon enough.

    There's a couple of things on recent roadmaps that have been marked as complete, yet are still faulty:

    - IoW Passenger Lights - These still cause a significant frame rate drop.

    - TSW 2020 / TSW 2 - Still don't live in harmony, despite being "fixed" five or six times...
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  5. DTG Natster

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    Sep 2, 2020
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    Anything that continues to be a problem after we have implemented a fix will get looked into again, so thank you for providing your feedback as it is really very useful.

    I appreciate some of the problems with the Sand Patch Grade are frustrating and if you aren't happy playing until the fixes listed are updated that is understandable. I have also made a note of what you've mentioned is missing and will pass along your thoughts.

    We aim for parity across all platforms, however when it comes to deals we are offered specific slots for PS4 and Xbox, we then request to be a part of these deals. Unfortunately the frequency of when we are offered them is out of our hands.
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  6. stujoy

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    Aug 29, 2019
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    This one is still on the roadmap, in the ‘In Production’ section.
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