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Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Rob Jansen, Nov 10, 2020.

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    Dec 8, 2016
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    In a previous stream DTG Protagonist mentioned that DTG were in 'talks' for about a roadmap of reported issues that should be fixed.

    Is there any progress on making that available?

    I know that stuff from 3rd party can't be on the list, but everything that is made by DTG (or 2nd party in request of DTG, but still noted that DTG is the developer) should have a roadmap for reported issues.

    There have been times in the past few YEARS that DTG never responded to reports or simply 'it has been noted and passed on the dev team", hopefully it wasn't meant as a device, like in "/dev/null".

    As several items never been fixed:
    - The TGV Reseau pantograph (modelling issues)
    - BR440 on the exclusive TS2020 route with non functioning PZB, scrolling destination board and other issues.

    And several more.

    Please, listen to your community and care about the people who give you their money they worked hard for to play the content that is provided.
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  2. DTG Protagonist

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    We've covered this on stream several times but it bears repeating.

    We have no plan to implement a Roadmap for Train Simulator due to the nature of the game's ecosystem. We are aiming to do more previews and give better response to your feedback, but there's far more going on than we can adequately cover reliably at present.
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    It is a bit of a pain where you have Digital products that you buy off Steam and if you find errors with the 2 hour window you could ask for a refund but if you don't you are stuck with it and it has very little chance of bing fixed.

    You get the impression of "Ok we have released this DLC - we don't need to look at it again"

    For far too long RSC has relied on the Community to fix the errors in their products.

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