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    As a keen train simulator player and would love to see some new routes here are my route proposals:

    1) East coastway (Brighton to Hastings including Seaford Branch)

    This route is beautiful and also has some wonderfully Victorian built stations. Travelling alongside the beaches between pevensey and bexhill and also going through the countryside at glynde and berwick i think would be a wonderful addition to Train simulator.. With the majority of the stock already available i dont think thia route is too much to ask for.

    2) Ecml (Hertford Loop - including moorgate branch)

    Considering the ECML is a much loved addon by dovetail i think the community would appreciate them adding the hertford branch onto the game. Perfect amount of outer london stations with a little bit of country side between Hertford north and Stevenage would be nice to drive through in a 313 it would also provide the chance to have scenarios created with ecml diverts sent down the loop etc.

    3) West Anglia Mainline (Liverpool street/stratford-Hertford East & stanstead airport)

    I feel like this line has been ignored by DTG and would be a brilliant add on. A love journey alongside the lea valley river between Hertford east and broxbourne etc towards london and some busy outer london stations through tottenham and seven sisters etc.. Stock wise the class 317 and 315 would need to be replicated and a minor bit of work to create a 379 consist but overall i think it would be a good money spinner.

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    All good proposals

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