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Route Suggestion: The Cumberland To Washington Route

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by Daniel Gibbs, Sep 17, 2018.

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  1. Daniel Gibbs

    Daniel Gibbs Active Member

    Feb 8, 2018
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    I sent a proposal to Milepost Simulations, the developer of Clear Creek Narrow Gauge, CP's Canadian Mountain Passes, CN's Peace River Valley, and Santa Fe's Raton Pass.

    My proposal is the CSX Cumberland - Washington Route. It would also be nice to include the two connecting lines to Baltimore. We only have two CSX routes, the Miami - West Palm Route (which mostly sees rock trains and hardly any manifest) and the New York - New Haven Route (which mostly sees locals). Formerly owned by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the Cumberland - Washington Route runs 146 miles from the big and busy city of Cumberland, MD to the US Capitol, Washington, DC. Not to mention, Cumberland is also the home of one of CSX's major classification yards and locomotive shops! The route also runs through many small but historical towns, such as Martinsburg, WV, Shenandoah Junction, WV, Harper's Ferry, WV and Point Of Rocks, MD. There are two lines that connect with the route. One starts at Washington, DC, and the other starts at Point Of Rocks, MD. They merge near St. Denis, MD and continue the rest of the way to Baltimore.

    As of today, CSX's Cumberland - Washington Route, as well as the connecting lines to Baltimore, sees a variety of freight traffic, such as autoracks, intermodal, grain, coal, mixed freight, locals, and more! Additionally, it also sees Amtrak's daily Capitol Limited as well as weekly MARC trains from Washington to Martinsburg, as well as to Baltimore! I think this would also be a great route, because it's in a mountainous area and sees all sorts of weather: sun, rain, snow, etc. It's also a very beautiful place to go during the spring, autumn, and winter!

    If any devs, such as Milepost Simulations, do this route, I think it should include a CSX ES44AC with YN3 (#840 - #949) and YN3b (#950 - #999 and #3000 - #3199), a CSX ES40DC (#5200 - #5501), and a CSX SD40-2 and Yard Slug for yard operations in Cumberland. I think to make it more fun and challenging, the locos shall have Advanced Brakes. It shall also include a variety of freight cars (some with CSX lettering), such as an 85' trash container flatcar.

    Depending on licensing, the MARC locos and passenger cars could be included with the route, or perhaps be sold as a standalone product.

    Feel free to cast your vote and leave comments on this proposal!

    The photos below were all taken by me.

    Photo 1: MARC locomotives in Washington, DC.
    Photo 2: CSX Q416 passes Green Spring, WV.
    Photo 3: Amtrak #30 bound for Chicago passes Green Spring, WV.
    Photo 4: CSX Q276 passes Martinsburg, WV.
    Photo 5: CSX G089 with BNSF power passes Martinsburg, WV. IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0841.JPG IMG_0846.JPG IMG_20170610_171723497.jpg IMG_20170610_173818571.jpg
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