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[rsn] Why Was The Track To Iserlohn Cut Short? [+ Discussion About Options To Expand Routes & Poll]

Discussion in 'PC' started by Timmiej93, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Keep it as it is now: Release 50km-ish routes, all separate from each other.

  2. For now, keep it as it is, but do look into the possibilities provided in this thread in the future.

  3. Small route addons (5-10 km additions to a full route for a lower price) would be great!

  4. Combining full routes (two normal routes that can be combined if you own both) would be great!

  5. Both small route addons and combining full routes would be great!

  1. Timmiej93

    Timmiej93 Member

    Oct 24, 2018
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    For those not interested in the Ruhr Sieg Nord route, please continue reading below the line.

    Now, before I start explaining why I think the track should have been continued to Iserlohn, let me get something out of the way first: I know that every added kilometer on a route costs money to make. I'm very well aware of that.

    That being said, the track between Letmathe and Iserlohn would not have been too hard to implement. It's about 4km in length, single tracked, meaning that it's not a lot to add. Scenery wise, it does cross fairly densely populated areas, but nothing that the route doesn't already cross.
    What really would have made the track to Iserlohn a great addition, is that Iserlohn is a terminus station. I personally really like driving the same train back and forth between two points a few times, so stations like Finnentrop I'm not really fond of. Getting forced to leave your train so it can continue on isn't my cup of tea. I do understand why that has been done of course. I as well like to be able to afford a new DLC from time to time, instead of the DLCs being crazy expensive due to the amount of work that has gone in.
    Again though, due to the very short distance between Letmathe and Iserlohn, and it being a terminus, it would have been a great addition to the route.


    Now, in case the answer to my question really is money, then I have a proposal:

    Small route addons

    I get that currently, the aim probably is to get as many different routes out as possible, to appeal to as large of an audience as possible. However, I think it would be awesome if we were able to expand upon our favorite routes (I'm going on an assumption here that this is technically possible, but I'm fairly sure it is). For example, the rail between Letmathe and Iserlohn could be an expansion for say 5 bucks. Since DTG already has the assets and info about the area they need, I think this could actually be a viable way to make a bit more money per mile than a new route would.
    I understand this could be confusing for many people, since for a small route addon you'd need to own both the TSW base game and the route that the addon is for, but I think that could be explained in an image or text on the steam page.

    Combining full routes
    As an addition to this, it could also make for longer routes. Say you have the Hagen-Finnentrop route and Finnentrop-Siegen route available separately. Possibly even with separate types of trains (185 and 143 on one, and the class 425 on the other for example). So both routes are viable options to play separate from each other, but when you have both, you can run it as a single route, driving all the way from Hagen to Siegen, with all the trains from both routes on the entire track.

    Now I know this route combining isn't an easy thing to do, and it probably isn't something DTG will be looking into anytime soon, I think it should be doable, and it should add a lot of fun for players who prefer a single country or region in TSW.

    PS. By all means, leave a message to share your own ideas or suggestions, and tell us which routes you'd want to see extended, either by small extensions, or by combining routes! Personally, I'd like to see Ruhr Sieg Nord extended, if that wasn't clear already ;)
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  2. thom_heg

    thom_heg New Member

    Mar 3, 2019
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    Playing RSN now, and I must say i also miss the opportunity to drive to Iserlohn and Siegen. Should release an addon to complete this magnificent route.
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