Ruhrgebiet-merge (duisburg-wuppertal)

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    Before anyone starts to rant: I know that DTGs said on multiple occasions that they havent managed to fully implement route-merging yet. But i think it'd be a good idea to suggest routes that would be merge-ready once the figure out how to do the merging (It's not merely a technical problem from what i understand but rather a problem with the timetables and signalling)

    Also, please correct me if i should have made a mistake, i am not familiar with following region as i dont live there.

    So. We already have:
    Finnentrop-Hagen -- Hagen- Wuppertal -- Duisburg-Bochum
    Obviously if there was a merge option, RRO and RSN would be the first to get merged. But let's go further. Which route could get made that would make everyone of those 4 routes connected? Here is my suggestion:

    Here's a route map so you can see the different location/lines ( Keep in mind: I heavily edited it by removing some locations that are unnecessary to my suggestion, you can find the original map here )

    Duisburg- (Düsseldorf-) Wuppertal

    Before i get into it, this route has one big disadvantage:
    There's no direct connection between Wuppertal-Duisburg with a regional train or FV Train. There is no direct SBahn / RE / IC / ICE Connection, from what i've found (I dont live in the region, correct me if im wrong).
    That means DTG would have to do services that go from (Bochum-Essen-) Duisburg-Düsseldorf with the RE6 where the player would need to change to the RE13/RE4 which would go from Düsseldorf to Wuppertal (It even goes to Hagen!).
    As a standalone route this would be a bummer as you wouldnt be able to directly drive from the start of the route to the end.
    BUT if this route was merged with HRR (Bochum-Duisburg) and RRO (Wuppertal Hagen) you could take the RE6 from Bochum to Düsseldorf (via Duisburg) and then the RE13 from Düsseldorf to Hagen (via Wuppertal)
    The RE6 takes approximately 20 minutes to get from Duisburg HBF to Düsseldorf HBF (26KM) and 43min from Düsseldorf to Bochum HBF
    The RE13/RE4 takes 20 minutes from Düsseldorf HBF to Wuppertal HBF (27KM) and 47 minutes from Düsseldorf to Hagen HBF

    So the route would ultimately be 53KM long, that's just right and not too long for DTG.

    On the route, there is also 1 S-Bahn line, the S1.
    It is also present in the upcoming HRR route and stops at following stations on it's way to Düsseldorf:

    There are also quite a lot of ICE/ICs running via Duisburg to Düsseldorf, which also happen to go via Bochum before that. (ICE 10 (= ICE2) e.g, IC 32 (Couldnt find more specific rolling stock information, a 101 and IC coaches would do the job just fine) etc.)

    The REs and ICEs which go from Duisburg to Düsseldorf only stop at Düsseldorf Flughafen.

    In terms of rolling stock for the REs, the RE4 uses a 146.0 (or a 111) + Dostos . We currently have Dostos and the 146.0 but no 111, which would have to be added as rolling stock in this route if one wants to accurately choose the rolling stock. The RE6 is operated by RRX nowadays but considering RSN is operated by Abellio in RL yet in TSW DB drives on it, DTG doesnt seem to mind switching out rolling stock.
    The S1 uses a 422, a BR we already have in both RRO and HRR.

    Picture taken in Duisburg (Source)
    Picture of Düsseldorf HBF from above

    To sum things up:
    This route would be a great way to connect RRO, RSN and HRR. There are multiple RE services which are present in RRO, HRR with which you'd travel quite a long distance. Like i already said though, without being merged into already existing routes, this one would be a bummer to some because it doesnt have a direct connection from start to end. So if merging routes ever will be an option, this route would be the perfect fit and would greatly improve the already existing routes HRR, RRO and RSN.
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    I would be so excited if the route merge would come true. We would have a full functional railwaynet that includes big parts of the Ruhrgebiet railwaynetwork in TSW.
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    Oh my, that would be awesome!!!
    Just imagine that :o
    Would love to see this, and just wanna say thank you for this nice suggestions!
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    Also another possible route for merging would be Bochum - Hagen - Dortmund.
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    As much as I love Düsseldorf and want it in the game no matter what, I think Bochum-Hagen would be more suitable due to detail and route length.
    Duisburg-Wuppertal would be a dream thou and works brilliantly as well as it would have Düsseldorf in there :)

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