Xbox Sand Patch Grade: A List Of Stuff I Think Could Be Improved

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    I know DTG will be working on Sand Patch At some point so id like to list stuff i think could be Improved or Changed, Added and other Small Stuff.

    The Locos:
    1. The GP38-2:
    The GP38-2 is pretty Good as it is nothing i can think of as Needing changing Except that the Start up sound is kinda delayed and the Priming ends after 5 seconds so thats all that needs change, one thing i would like to see added id the Ability to swivel the Seat its a small one but it would be a good detail for LHF opertions

    2. The SD40-2:
    The same Issues as the GP38-2 apply here but now the Governor Cranker doesnt work you cant interact with it, like the GP38-2 i would like to see the Seat Swivel for LHF operations.

    3.The AC4400CW: nothing much with this but i noticed when i loaded a game will driving this Either 1 the Engine may shut down or 2 the Generator switch switched off, again with the Swivel chair of possible that would be nice because its impossible to look backwards in the Cab and out the Long Hood, would also like to see the addition of the Airbrakes already set when you start a service it gets tedious having to set it every time i wanna play a service with it.

    4. The C40-8W:
    The C40-8W is a Very well made loco its a AC4400CW but with SD40-2 in it with a Actual MU-2A and Brake Cutout which I like a bit more, I Would also like to see the Swivel chair if possible, and with that since its turning 1 year old in 4 months it would be nice if it got a YN3b Livery since every other Sand Patch loco got YN3b

    The Small naming thing:
    Small one but i Would like to see CSX added to the Names of the Locos on this route a Small one but one i would like to see as More AC4400CWs and SD40-2s are popping up.

    The Services:
    Power Problem: one thing i noticed is a Lack of power on some services for Instance i was doing a Coal service (I forget which) from Rockwood and had a SD40 and SD40-2 powering it and i couldnt make it to Sand Patch Summit i slowed to a Grinding hault on the Hill with that High bride over it and could not get back up so my Solution would be to add Triple heading to some Services that could use it, after all some of the C40-8W services have Triple Heading heck even Quad Heading why not the Standard ones.

    More Variety: i would like see some Single unit/ Long Hood Forward operations this will make it a Bit more varied from the 2 units coupled Long Hood to Long Hood per train Shpeel, also would like to see more Normal services like more Shaw Mine Runs or maybe even Switching around the Loco Maintenance shop.

    The Ones that feel Impossible to gold:
    I like to gold Services but the Services where you Attach Helpers and that Shaw Mine run/Runaround feel like they are Impossible to Gold even though i did them without a Mistake so it would be nice to get a Change to make them More possible to gold considering how easy they are.
    Also i heard the CRR F7 is Available for use in the Timetable on PC but not Console so maybe that could be Changed

    The Route Related things:
    Every Now and then i like to boot up a Game of Sand Patch on foot at Cumberland Turntable and Mess around but i found weird like Invis wall making it impossible to walk onto the track unless going in from the Turntable which is Annoying might have to look into that, continuing from that i noticed Rarely the CRR SD40 can spawn in place of the Cold SD40-2s would like to see the same with the C40-8W on the AC4400CW.
    I noticed whilst doing the Collectibles that at Cumberland stations on the signs there is a Little space for the Amtrak logo... which is not there, since you have the Amtrak license it would be a Good opportunity to add it in there.

    Bring Back the GP40-2:
    Probably wont happen but ill Mention it, the GP40-2 along with NEC: NY was left behind because of Outdated code and will likely take a While but the GP40-2 is one Loco and not an Entire route so when you get to Sand Patch perhaps it would be a Good time to bring the GP40-2 Back and better then ever.

    Good bye thats all i have to Say
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