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Sand Patch Grade Loco Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MetrolinkF125#916, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. MetrolinkF125#916

    MetrolinkF125#916 Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2019
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    Well, finally, after all these years, us console players are gonna get heavy haul. Well, since the route is now available on all platforms, why not consider some dlc for it? Maybe a loco pack? I would certainly want one (or both)! Well, after the release of TSW 2, I really hope DTG considers adding the following locomotives to Sand Patch.:D

    1. GE ET44AH
    Since we already have the AC4400CW in the game, this wouldn’t be that different from the front of the locomotive, the only different parts would be located in the rear end (mainly in the radiator area, would also need diff trucks and new cab). Using the same 4,400 horsepower engine seen in the ES44DC/AC, this loco is capable of meeting Tier 4 emission standards from the EPA, which kinda explains the “hump” seen in the back, which is why they earned the nickname “humpbacks”.
    CSX ET44AH #3381 leads a manifest freight train.

    2. EMD SD70ACE
    Yet another EMD, this one is part of the (second to) latest generation of EMD engines of the 21st century, all while complying with modern safety standards from the Federal Railroad Administration. Packing 4,300 hp under the hood, this locomotive comes with a 16 cylinder 710G3C engine capable of meeting Tier 2 emission standards while improving reliability and minimizing fuel consumption. These units can be seen all over the continent in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and found work in major railroads in those countries.
    CSX SD70ACE #4849 repainted into the
    “boxcar” logo scheme hauls a manifest train along with an SD70M.

    3. NRE 3GS21B “GENSET”
    The third unit on this list isn’t from EMD or GE, it is manufactured by National Railway Equipment (NRE), the ultra low emissions 3GS21B (or 3 Generator Sets, 2,100 horsepower, B-B axle configuration or 4 axles in total). This is a switcher locomotive, so it’ll be seen in yards and sidings switching cars around, which could add more switching services to the route. Since it’s a “genset” loco, it has 3 (Cummins) engines, each producing 700 hp, and activate or deactivate depending on the throttle applied and load being pulled, all to maximize fuel efficiency and drastically reduce emissions.
    CSX 3GS21B #1301

    4. EMD SD60/60I/60M
    At last the fourth and final engine, the legendary SD60. For this model, DTG can decide to either model the spartan cab variant (SD60), wide cab variant (SD60M), or “isolated” cab model (SD60I), if they even consider developing dlc for this route. With a 16-710G3A engine under the hood producing 3,800 horses, this locomotive can see services out there on the mainline hauling freight. These locos are part of the 3rd generation of diesel locomotives, and, unfortunately, might see the end of their service lives in the decades to come. But I know these locos still have a loooong life to live before their official retirement.
    CSX SD60 #2478 works a local service.

    CSX SD60M #8766, the SD60I has the same body and cab design as the SD60M.

    In conclusion, these locos would be a great idea for a “loco pack” for the Sand Patch dlc coming to TSW 2. It would also have TSW include more American heavy freight and switching locomotives in TSW, and I would definitely love to see them in the game! Feel free to give your opinion in the comments below. :)
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  2. jedi247

    jedi247 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2018
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    I'd like to add the CSX ST70AH (or SD70ACe-T4) and AC6000CW (CSX has re-engined them with GEVO-16 engines and calls them CW46AHs).
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  3. docsnyder1911

    docsnyder1911 Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2019
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    Very good proposal and very nice pictures. Hopefully we get the SD70 at minimum as loco dlc.
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