Scenario Designer: How To Set The Service Start Times In 1-minute Steps

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    Some time ago I found out how to input the departure times in the scenario designer not in a 5-minute take but in 2-second intervals. This way you can easily create realistic AI traffic in your scenarios.

    Unfortunately this does not work in the game but only via hex editing of the scenario savegame file (.sav). So you need at least basic knowledge of hex editing with HxD.

    Yesterday I wrote a tutorial for this, which also includes a converter tool for the strange time format from the savegames.

    Here is the link to the tutorial:

    Have fun trying it out and always come with feedback, if there are still unclear (formulated) or when you have some handy tips that I can add to the tutorial. English is also not my first language so feel free to correct me there :)
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    Cheers Bendix!
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